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  Bringing Family

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Bringing Family
11:48 pm March 7, 2021


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Good Evening Visa Journey.

I have a question and I am so certain this has been answered so many times before.

What do you guys think is the best route and WHY to bring family over. I am referring to Parents and Siblings.

I am still a Legal Permanent Resident, and I know I would want to bring my family over once I am a Citizen.

Please advise what is the best route? also provide on average, the timeframes.

I noticed recently that siblings were added or may have always been there but I do recall it being mentioned that this would change with the Biden administration?

Form I-130/I-130A Instructions for Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, and Form I-130A Supplemental Information for Spouse Beneficiary (uscis.gov)

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K1 lawsuit
10:07 pm December 5, 2020



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Hi everyone,

i am debating whether or not to join the milligan vs pompeo lawsuit deadline due next week. I am curious if my fiance is in Colombia and the bogota embassy is not processing visas currently if this would be worth it. It s obviously 2000$ to join so i just want to make sure it would be worthwhile and the bogota embassy would indeed grant interviews. Thank you in advance. I see people getting interviews but havnt seen any in colombia yet

Case has been at nvc since october 20th 2020*

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I-751 - transferred to Field office 2020 POST Coronavirus
10:51 pm November 21, 2020


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I requested an infopass because my residency expires 11/30/20. Shortly an email response advising me that my case was at the atl field office, in response to my case inquiry. I called USCIS and the agent advised me that my case was at vermont, i asked her if she could not see the email that was sent to me earlier that day 11/19/20. I then told her about the email, and she stuttered and her response was that it is still in vermont but they requested an interview at the Atl field office.

I was told when I got the temporary I-551 stamp 11/20/20, yesterday, that my case is indeed at the Atlanta field office.

I did indeed do an AOS interview. But my question is for anyone else who has had the samething or is going through the same thing right now.

They were unable to tell me how long it has been at the ATL field office and how much longer to expect to hear something. What I was advised however that I would never get mail that it transferred to the field office only when an interview is scheduled.

Can anyone who has had this experience share?

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Removal of Conditions DENIED
1:51 pm November 18, 2020


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I recently was responding to a forum and for the life of me I cant seem to find it. I believe it was a very short forum, recently opened and there were about two or three accounts that applied for the I-751 years ago, was denied and were reapplying and got an info pass for the stamp etc.....

This one person that posted it was worried about the code stamped in their passport with the I-551 stamp. COA TR6. which really wasnt anything to be too alarmed about but....

My question is for those who experienced this. What is the reason for said denial? What does a denial look like? Did they say why it was denied? Also since immigration has allowed you to reapply, did you have a certain timeframe in which you needed to reapply by? I know you can appeal a decision but I thought only a judge can make that decision and then you reapply...

There are literally hundreds of us still waiting per service center frustrated at the situation but then there are those of you who filed twice and I worry for you guys.

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I-551 Stamp Extenstion
6:13 pm October 15, 2020



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After filing my I-791 in May 2018, I did my biometrics in July 2018 and I received a RFE in May 2019. I sent in the evidence for the RFE in August 2019. (Two days after the deadline - I was waiting in joint retirement and the most recent tax documentation.) At this point, I had an 18 month extension receipt letter.

In September 15th, I received notice that my case was transferred to the MO National Benefits Center.

I haven't heard anything yet. My 18 month extension was about to expire so I requested an Infopass appointment and received a year extended in November 2019.

The year extension is almost up and I haven't heard anything.

I just submitted a "Outside normal processing time " request today and I haven't contacted my Congressperson nor have I filed for N400.

Anyone have any insight on how to get another extension via Infopass appointment or an update on my case overall?

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