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US Immigration from Antigua and Barbuda

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Updating joint I-751
2:28 pm June 3, 2019


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I ve seen a lot of forums regarding keeping uscis up to date after you ve file your petition. Please advise how does one submit after the change of address if address change is out of state and the divorce decree?

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Wifes citizenship affects mine?
1:58 am April 17, 2019


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Does my wife beconing a citizen speed up the time it will take for me to become a citizen?

I was F2a, migrated April 11th 2018, have had green card 1 year.

My wife thinks it will speed my process up, but i do not think so. I just cant find any evidence to prove or disprove it.

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leaving while my status was adjusting
7:40 pm March 14, 2019


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i got a k1 visa then migrated to the united states we got married within the 90 days and we filed for aos which had included i130 unfortunately my sister and father passed away and there was no time to file a eap so i left the united states without it or any other legal document after leaving they sent an appointment for me to do my biometrics but i wasn't there a week or 2 later i filied a i129 to apply for a k3 visa to continue my adjustment of status but its been pending for over a year. i went ahead and messaged the uscis and they responded that my case is on hold or suspense until the receive my bio metrics there is a uscis in Dominica republic can i just go there and do my bio metric? should i file a new i130 or leave the old one pending i really need some answers

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Questioning the government.
3:28 pm February 1, 2019


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Is it okay to be here and question somenof the government's choices and decisions? Or should i just shut my mouth and be a good immigrant?

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Interview - Baltimore Field Office
3:48 am July 1, 2018


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I have filed AOS in October 2017. I reside in Maryland. Does any on here filed the same time or two or 3 months (July, August, September) and already called for an interview?

My Field Office would more like be Baltimore

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