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Divorcing while waiting for 10 year gc
10:20 pm September 26, 2023



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Hi All!

My fianc came to the states on a fianc visa and after being married for 4 years things are just not working out between us two and we have decided to split. He had the conditional green card and we filed I-751 in may of 2023 and are still waiting for an answer from uscis.

If we get divorced now, while we are still waiting for the I-751, will that affect his permanent residency application? What will happen with the application we filed ? Will it just be a RFE to show divorce or will he get denied and have to refile?

Also, we were married for 4 years. Will he still be able to apply for naturalization app on approval of I-751 or will he have to wait for the 5 year mark?

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I-751 Removal of Conditions, October 2023 Filers
2:07 am September 22, 2023



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Making a new thread for October filers since September is almost over

We will be filing the first week of Oct and preparing the documents now

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Rejected i864w
4:42 am September 19, 2023



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Been in this country 14 years with valid ead and was enough for me to earn 40 credits. Now adjusting the status and they wont recognize my i864w based on 40 credits and submitted rfe to fill out regular i864. Has anyone experienced the same? My case is at NBC. THANK YOU

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LPR stopped at POE for staying 1 year and 2 months outside of US
3:58 pm December 5, 2022



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Hello everyone,

Just looking for some advice here. My dad and sister are permanent residents that due to a family member being ill, they had to stay outside of the US for a year and 2 months. They came to Chicago last Friday on Dec 2nd and the officer at the point of entry filed a I193 form for them and stamped their password. On the passport stamp he put "I 193 approved". They were advised that they need to stay in the US otherwise they will loose their residence.

My dad has to fly back to Europe on Dec 9th. What does this form and stamp mean? Can he come back to the US? IS the GC still valid?

Any responses would help

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Hi everyone .Apr 2021 filer here ,just wanted an opinion
11:40 am June 14, 2022



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Hi guys ,hope all is well.My case is still on fingerprints were taken ,i guess its a just a waiting game a bit more .Now i ve fulfilled the time to apply for the citizenship,wanted to ask an opinion if its a good idea ,mind i m really trying to avoid another interview (i had one when i applied for the 2 year green card ) .Does applying for the citizenship give more reasons for another interview? I mean i sent a bunch of supporting evidence but nothing crazy ,mostly just regular bills o both names and lease .Thank you in advance and good luck to you all

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