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US Immigration from Albania

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AOS, B2 expiring
9:03 pm January 24, 2021



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Hi all, my husband is here on B2. Came 03/01/2020, filed for extension 06/2020, on 01/01/2021 got notice to file more info to support extension due 02/10/2021 ( we will file what they want).

We are gathering everything we need for AOS through RapidVisa; our concern is if he overstays his 1 year limit on his current visa (with or without extension approval). Our case is rather simple, but with all the paperwork and things to be done, we are wondering what to do with the fact that he may become illegal in the few coming weeks. Thanks!

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Us passaport
5:11 am December 29, 2020

Paola Yzellari

Paola Yzellari

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I applied for US citizenship 2

months ago. How long does it take to get the first apoiment

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Paying by credit card
12:26 am July 11, 2020



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Typically once USCIS has received the application how long does it take for them to charge the credit card?

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Emergency passport renewal while waiting regular applicaton
11:51 pm July 3, 2020



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Hi all,

I have an unusual question. My daughter's passport was about to expire in May'20. Since we were planning not to travel this year due to Covid-19 related reasons, we did not rush on applying for renewal at all. That's why we applied at our local post office in April. It is currently "in processing" since last week, nothing more.

Unfortunately, we now have a family emergency, I need to fly out as soon as possible (Monday, if not Sunday), but we do not have my daugther's passport in hand, and her birth certificate as well (was submitted during the application, and have not received it back). My mom's doctor agreed to provide a doctor's report. Today, while trying to make an appointment with the emergency passport service centers, we were told that these offices are only open on Mondays & Thursdays... We were also told that we should make an appointment early Monday morning, and evaluate the situation with an officer on site; they want us to purchase the ticket without confirming whether they recognize our emergency situation before coming to the office...

We asked about my daughter's birth certificate being held by Department of State, but did not get a clear answer...

Do we need to bring our photos or they could provide photo service on site? I couldn't get an answer to this as well.

Is this the regular process now or Covid also changed this process?

thanks all!

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How are y'all coping during these times?
11:26 am June 16, 2020



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Hello friends,

I hope everyone is doing well during these turbulent times. I guess I just wanted to write to ask how you all are dealing and coping with waiting for the approvals. I have been having a really hard time myself, maybe because I have an anxious personality. I check the news everyday and check the VJ website and service center progress everyday. With the USCIS furlough news I have been even worse. Unfortunately, during these times I don't have a job, so it makes it even harder not to pay attention to these things. I guess I am wondering how you all are coping with this? What do you do to feel better while waiting for the responses? Maybe we, internet strangers, can help each other during these hard times. Especially knowing that we are all going through the same process.

Thank you :)

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