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US Immigration from Albania

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October 2019 I-129F FILERS
6:01 am September 28, 2019


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For those who have just filed your I-129f application with USCIS, this thread has been created for your needs and to be with others experiencing different aspects of this journey. This is a place to ask questions and to share experiences. All are here to learn together. Good luck because this is a long process currently running 5-6 months from filing date for your NOA2 approval.

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October 2019 K-1 NOA2 to NVC to EMBASSY
6:00 am September 28, 2019


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This thread was created for those who are waiting for their NOA2 K-1, case assignment from NVC and then onwards to your Embassy. Contained in the PDF below are many tips, tricks and hacks to help you along the way in what steps you could be taking along the way.

These are items that everyone asks for, so I thought I just post a PDF of them here for you to refer to when it's necessary.


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Filing FAFSA with a Foreign Spouse Question?
1:45 pm September 19, 2019

Emily & Elton

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My 2019-2020 FAFSA was flagged for verification at my university's financial aid office because I reported my spouse's income in 2017. I am the US citizen, and he did not pay US taxes in 2017, because he was not a resident alien, permanent resident, or a US citizen at the time, and did not make any income in the United States. He lived in Greece and paid taxes to the Greek government for the entire year of 2017, and was not liable to file taxes with the United States for 2017. We submitted his Greek tax form which shows his total income and taxes paid to the Greek authorities for 2017, and now they are requesting a 4506-T form from my spouse to prove he did not pay US taxes. We were married late 2018.

Has anyone here gone through this? I am nervous about him signing anything stating he did not pay taxes because it doesn't quite encompass the truth, and do not want this being misconstrued by the IRS and have it come back to bite us.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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When to begin the procedures for citizenship?
5:27 am September 16, 2019


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I am planning to apply for the citizenship along with my family (my husband and the girls) next year because I will complete my 5 year-permanent Resident period on July 26, 2020. I came here with visa immigration (DV Lottery). So, my question is should I apply for citizenship some months ahead or sharply when I complete my 5 years as a resident? Thank you all!

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K1 visa P3 Package
1:12 am September 2, 2019


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My fianc lives in Albania. Her address is just a street with no building number or apartment.

does embassy use DHL in a agreed upon location using her phone number? Or will they try to use regular post even without complete address?

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