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US Immigration from Albania

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Permanent residents goin thrue I 130 for a spouse
7:07 am November 29, 2018


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Hello everyone , I am

Makin this topic for permanent residents in the US who filed I130 for a spouse , I filed the i130 12 of September 2017 no approval so far , please share if your goin thrue this .

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Letter Intent To Marry
11:43 pm November 10, 2018


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I feel like vomiting, I literally just mailed our I129F packet two hours ago, and I was showing my sister the copies. A little back story, I ve been waiting for the intent to marry letter and my fianc s Passport photo for 3 weeks to come in the mail. It finally came in the mail today, so I finished putting our packet together. Well my sister pointed out my fianc dated the intent to marry letter 2019 instead of 2018. I am so disappointed because i tried to make sure to have a prepared packet so we wouldn t have any RFEs. Do you guys think that it ll cause an RFE? I m so heartbroken right now : (

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Visa Return/ Duration
9:00 pm November 5, 2018


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How long does it take for an embassy to issue a visa and how long is a standard tourist visa issued for?

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Citizenship and wellfare
9:47 am November 2, 2018


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Hi. I m not currently on wellfare, but my 1&3yo are. I m currently separated, it s been 18months that I m going through a divorce.

I did apply in sept 17 for my citizenship, I paid full amount on the fee, did biometrics Oct 1st, and now it s been a month of waiting. The office I applied to is Dallas, TX, I live in SD.

Please help direct me to the post, if there is one, is it going to be a problem with my citizenship?

Ive never had a parking ticket, or any problems at all. I m just scared, my two kids need me and I need to be sure we will be ok.

I applied under the 5year rule, my greencard was 5yo this August, 31, 2018.

Thanks in advance

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Tourist Visa for In laws
6:07 pm September 24, 2018


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Hi everyone,

I have not posted in here in a long while and our section has also changed since :). We want to apply for my in-laws to come and visit us for the holidays. Does anyone know how long the process takes? Last time we had a lawyer do the paperwork and the visa was denied. Wondering what we can do to improve their chances.

We were told we had to fill out form I-134 but I do not see this listed in the guidelines on this thread.


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