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  1. Darnell

    A Rant Thread named Desire

    I can't watch it anymore, I don't have the attention span I did last decade. Maybe I'll get sooper excited by the new Teen Titans TV Series, or maybe not .... I can't honestly say what I've rewatched this year from beginning to end cause I liked it - I'm still waiting for the new Dr. Who series to finally come out of production for the late-fall viewing season. OH, I did adore rewatching the Outlander Series, all 3 seasons this year and last ... But I digress... That BIL thingie/human with the elder parent scenario ? I remember the OP mentioning the address silence on where they were moving to - so finally it's a win win !
  2. Darnell

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    my only 2 cents? it's fun to do google searches returning the image collection for '90 day fiance facebook' ... Just saying
  3. Darnell

    A Rant Thread named Desire

    @SAT - don't forget boring as well !
  4. Oh, but I didn't ! Check my profile page, there's a manual timeline there .
  5. A new period of authorized stay commences, starts, based on the receipt date of the NOA-1 letter that you will receive (or have received) from filing the Adjustment of Status (AOS) paperwork. You know, the I-130+I-485+all of the other supporting forms. With that said, however, any 'illegal' time is automatically forgiven (no further paperwork to file, nothing more to ask for) when the green card is produced. You've some time to wait for that one step (it's near the end). For now, I say she's GOOD IIF (if and only if) there's a receipt notice, the NOA-1 , received after filing the AOS set. Why ? A new period of authorized stay commences, the status change is IN process and she's allowed to remain in the USA whilst the processing is being done. People have filed after B-2 visa expiry date, gotten a NOA-1 letter with a receipt date CLEARLY after the visa expiration date, and they went through with the rest of the AOS process and got a green card. IMO, she'll be fine. Thousands of ppl each year do exactly what you two are doing, the USCIS allows for it. Does it rankle other folk chasing CR-1 and K-1 ? Absolutely !!! But it doesn't rankle USCIS, and that's what is important. Expect some higher scrutiny during the paperwork processing, you might get some weird RFEs, but all is fine, again IMO. For now, she must not leave the USA if you want the AOS status change to be successful. Leaving the USA automagically abandons the AOS process, completely.
  6. Darnell

    A Rant Thread named Desire

    Kite Fishing ! Send out a kite across the water , about 1/2 mile into the bay ... the weight of the sinkers keep the hook underwater ... there's a pulley system... I never knew if it was popular in Texas - I just do it when I have the time ... Got a lot of weird looks but the Viet Shrimper boat captains smiled at me, knew what I was doing ... @SAT Very similar to this:
  7. Darnell


    Garden. Don't have land ? get in with a co-op !
  8. Darnell

    A Rant Thread named Desire

    Well, I went fishing last weekend at Matagorda ... It was fun ! Kite Fishing !
  9. why not YOU two stay in USA until you qualify for, and get, your USCitizenship ? Just a thought .
  10. Darnell

    A Rant Thread named Desire

    I suggest a mix , 3 to 1, of avocado and coconut oil. in a blender is fine. leave it on for 2 hours, wash off gently with cold water ... This is healthy stuff for scalp and hair . Yes, hair also Frequency? once a week.
  11. Darnell

    A Rant Thread named Desire

    You are a tardo. Well, a tardo that was recently ill, no time to prep for fishing.
  12. Darnell

    A Rant Thread named Desire

    Ya Ya Ya ... Been busy ... New IT Projects, more farming stuff, only travel to see my father, dragging my son along. That's it, really ! What, the last 13 months ?
  13. Darnell

    A Rant Thread named Desire

    Now wait a mo - I only got fat 20 years after my end date .
  14. i say put together a letter of attestation on WHY she returned and WHY you two want to have another go at it. There's a format to a letter of attestation, drill around a bit , it's a formal thing to be submitted with the I-129F (or any I-130) - and it travels with the casefile all the way to the IV Unit , read with the casefile prior to interview day.
  15. Did you file the EAD app also ? If yes, usually can use that as a source document for status and identification. I think it's the I-131 [but I don't remember exactly] If no, take a copy of the receipt letter and include it and a nice cover letter with the I-131, and send it in to the address in the receipt letter.