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  1. Alright, thanks every one!
  2. Hi everyone, sorry if this seems like a silly question because I've never had to deal with a visa before. But is the K1 visa considered a travel document? I'm asking because for my flight check-in there's a field where I am able to fill in travel document information, should I fill that out? Thanks again all.
  3. Hi all, haven't been here in a bit, but I just want to say congratulations to everyone that have gotten their NOA2/approvals and all the best to the people still waiting! You'll get your NOA2/approvals soon too! Stay strong! ❤️
  4. Guacamole

    Singapore K1 filers (2017-18)

    Hi all, just posting a mini update to show the timeline of when I got my visa on hand. Interview date: 10 July 2018 After-interview update on CEAC Website: 10 July 2018: "Ready", case last updated date changed from 24 May 2018 to 10 July 2018. 12/13 July 2018: "Application Received", switched from "Immigrant Visa Application" to "Non-immigrant Visa Applicant", case created date changed from 21 May 2018 to 12 July 2018. 14 - 16 July 2018: "Administrative Processing" 17 July 2018: "Issued" - This is the last update I got. Then on 21 July 2018 the courier delivered visa packet to my home. So it took a total of 11 days from interview to VOH and 4 days from issued to VOH for my case. All the best everyone else!
  5. The wait is truly extremely frustrating, but once things get moving it's such a huge wave of relief. Hang in there!
  6. Guacamole

    Police clearance

    You'll need a letter from Packet 3 in order to get your COC in Singapore as they request for it at the application stage.
  7. Guacamole

    Singapore K1 filers (2017-18)

    Hi everyone! I just did my K-1 interview today and got my approval yay! I used a joint-sponsor in my case so some of the interview questions were pertaining to it. The person at counter 7 (document collection) asked me the following questions: - Is the petitioner currently working? - How is the joint sponsor related to the petitioner? - Does the joint sponsor have any dependents? Then for the actual interview at counter 8, I was asked: - How did the petitioner and I meet? - When did we meet for the first time in person? - Did the petitioner come visit me? When did he come over to meet me. * She seemed a bit skeptical about our story, so I told her I had pictures of him visiting me and my family. She prompted me to show her our relationship evidence, so I showed her pictures of my fiance with my family, extended family, our boarding passes from when I left the USA and from when he left Singapore. - Does the petitioner work? Where did he work before/what will he be working as soon? - What does the joint-sponsor work as? The lady at counter 8 had a very stern demeanor, she was pretty expressionless until she was convinced we were in a bona fide relationship, then she beamed when she told me that all my documents were in place and that I should expect my visa in about 2 weeks. I smiled so wide hahaha! That's all I remember for our interview, all the best everyone else!
  8. Hi everyone, after everything and all the frustration. I can finally happily say that I've been approved. I feel such a heavy burden lifted off my chest I wanna cry. :')
  9. Ugh, so antsy, I've been waiting 2 weeks for my Packet 4 and so I sent them an email and they told me that my case is pending interview scheduling and that there'll be delays for it in June/July because of high amounts of applications/workload. So now I'm back to waiting and being in limbo and waiting.
  10. Guacamole

    Singapore K1 filers (2017-18)

    We actually emailed NVC through the queries website about a week after we got our NOA2, then NVC auto-updated us on the next few steps it took within NVC until it was sent to the Embassy.
  11. Guacamole

    Singapore K1 filers (2017-18)

    Hi, my timeline is as follows: I-129F Filed: 11 October 2017 NOA1: 16 October 2017 NOA2: 21 April 2018 NVC Received: 14 May 2018 NVC Case No. Assigned: 16 May 2018 NVC Left: 18 May 2018 USEM Singapore Received: 21 May 2018 Packet 3 Received: 24 May 2018 Packet 3 Response Sent: 25 May 2018 (USEM Singapore had a long weekend where they were closed, so they only received this on 31 May 2018) Packet 4 Received: Still waiting!
  12. Guacamole

    Singapore K1 filers (2017-18)

    Hi everyone! Just did my medical today, so I'll share my experience as well. My medical was scheduled for 30th May 2018, at this point I still don't have my interview date yet and there were no issues. My appointment time was 11.30am. EXPERIENCE I arrived 11am, went to counter for registration, they told me to write my name down on a list and to wait. 11.15am: I was asked for my passport and 4 passport pictures (had to sign on the white background in the corner). They had my consulate letter and form on hand (things you email them for the confirmation) so they told me I didn't need to give them one. 11.30am: given a cup for urinalysis (I couldn't pee so this took super long. LOL. I think I re-entered the clinic at about 12.10pm) 12.10 to 12.30pm: Took a blood test and subsequently had to take 2 vaccines (Boostrix and MMR) cause my previous Tetanus jab wasnt a combination vaccine & they said my MMR jab from when I was a child is probably invalid. I had chicken pox before so I wasn't administered Varicella but was told they'd do a blood test and I'd have to return if I required it. 12.30pm: Called over to wait outside x-ray room for chest x-ray. Given a CD of the chest x-ray to bring to usa (for POE you might be asked to give them the CD. If not you can keep it. ) 12.35pm: Called to a room for a medical history questionnaire. Basic lung and abdomen tests. 12.45pm: Vision tests (Acuity and Colourblindess), measurement of height/weight. 12.55pm: Payment (boo!) Overall it took about 3hrs: probably shorter if you have a bladder that will cooperate with you :') Everyone was very friendly in the clinic, so it was kind of nice. COSTS Medical Fee: $150 Laboratory Fee: $177 X-Ray: $35 Vaccinations: Priorix (MMR) - $75 / Boostrix (Tdap) - $75 Total + GST (7%): $512 + 35.84 = $547.84 ----------- So yeah, DEFINITELY take your vaccinations at polyclinics or hospitals, they're going to be WAY cheaper + some are medisave claimable.
  13. It's normal, they don't process cases strictly in chronological order, when I was waiting for my NOA2, I'd see people with NOA1 dates at the end of the month approved before mine. The VJ timeline estimates can be a bit off too, cause like it says, it's just an estimate based on others' approvals, but it is fairly common for it to take longer. I understand that it is absolutely nerve-wracking but it will come soon, try to not fret so much, there are people from the October filers that haven't gotten their NOA2s either. Once your date appears on the USCIS processing times then you can call them or send them an enquiry.
  14. Guacamole

    Singapore K1 filers (2017-18)

    Just some side info: the I-134 brought to the interview can be a scanned copy. I emailed the embassy and they responded that a good scanned copy is all right for the interview.
  15. Congratulations @Naes! I'm getting excited/nervous too cause my case was received by my embassy today. Really can't believe this is actually happening right now.