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  1. Can't cancel the K-1 as it's already used. CR1 will be your next step yes. Are you sure you cant wait for AP & EAD to leave the country? Will obviously be cheaper that way. And she might have a ban to overcome considering her overstay
  2. Doubtful. It could be good evidence but not necessary. I won't because I plan on giving up my Swedish citizenship as well when it's time
  3. I just always made extra sure there wasn't any extra available times after booking
  4. If it's one of the two forms listed as okay during the grace period yes it's fine
  5. How do you have an appointment if you can't pay for it? Does Ireland work differently than most countries in this? I had to pick my date and pay for it all at the same time. Anyway at any point you're missing any sort of paperwork call USCIS/NVC/Embassy and make sure you have everything. Also NVC can provide your case number which also should've been included for you in the letter you received from the embassy.
  6. They're way backlogged (i'm December filer) my AP took 160+ days and my EAD 110+ days
  7. I have heard that it doesn't affect future applications. It'll probably be brought up so just be honest
  8. Yes, AP can take a few days, weeks, months, sometimes (but very rare) years
  9. No documents are necessary to include in the AOS packet besides marriage license