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  1. Hi! Some good news here as well. got approved today on the old site. NOA1 24th of August 😊
  2. Thank you so much for sharing that info! Was not aware of that, that is also an option then.
  3. Hi everyone! Everything has been smooth so far in this process, but there is one thing that bothers me. If I the beneficiary keep my maiden name and get SSN, Drivers license, etc. in that name in some years decide to change last name to my spouse's or to do a double last name, would that be possible? To my understanding, the marriage certificate will have the maiden name, but I know the AOS papers will also have that which could make it complicated? Since the green card will have that last name. Hopefully someone can share some experiences.
  4. Hi! I went to college in the US and were on a I-20. I did not include my actual visa but had a lot of proof in my packet from college - like my degree and different transcripts. The I-94 also showed every time I entered and left the country which was aligned with all my semesters in college. I put down all my previous addresses including my US ones which were three. I am still waiting for NOA2 though so can't say if I was successful or not, however, my advice is to include all of it, rather that than an RFE.
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