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  1. I get these at random, but the date has always remained the same for the last time they "took action" which is April 6 for me. No clue if they mean anything or not though. I do appreciate the emails though even if they don't do anything. It makes me feel like my case is in an actual pile somewhere and not just in the abyss! Hopefully you get yours soon, seems like there have been a few Vermont approvals lately in this thread
  2. Thanks, the link on the stamp clarifies things. From what that says, I think the stamp in a valid passport would work and I can do both in an appointment (replace the lost card and remove restrictions) I don't know if I agree about the "freedom" part... The restriction doesn't prevent me from doing anything because I have authorization, but I suppose I get what you're saying. I've never had to produce my card for anything that I can think of... only the number. Appreciate the links to answer the question!
  3. For now, it's not a big deal. I have the number and a copy of the card and I don't think I'll be leaving my job anytime soon... but I would like to know it's in my home somewhere! You're probably right though. Different government office, so it's not like systems would be connected and probably would end up with another card with the work auth restriction. For me, I don't know if I care about that though. I have authorization via my green card, the letter, the stamp, etc. It doesn't really bother me that it's there. Appreciate the response!
  4. Curious.. I think I may have lost my Social Security card. Hoping it will still turn up, but so far I can't find it! I never bothered to get an updated card after AOS, so mine always had the "With DHS Authorization" note on it. If I go for a replacement card, I wonder if they'll keep that restriction on it or not? Technically I don't have the restriction anymore, but I also don't have a current green card to bring in to ask for it to be removed.. I don't know if anyone knows the answer on this one, but curious because if it will still have the restriction on it if I replace it, I'd rather wait until I have my green card in hand so I can just deal with it in one trip.
  5. I wonder how this will work for someone like me who had to surrender the expired green card for the stamp? I'll just assume it will all work fine I wish they would send these faster, could save people a lot of time freaking out about getting Infopass!!
  6. I am pretty sure I've seen comments on here before that people have been successful at trying to walk-in to Infopass. If you have the time, the only risk would be that they turn you away, so might be worth it. I have been able to get an appointment and to do so, I opened the available appointment page and set an auto-refresh on it. I did this early in the morning and eventually got a time slot. A little different than Visualping and you'd have to be keeping an eye on the screen.
  7. I just finished my Info Pass to get the I-551 Stamp. Thought I would share my experience. I received my NOA-1 in July, 2017 and my green card expired in Oct 2017. I was able to get my stamp without any issue, they extended it for one year from today (not one year from the expiration date on my GC). They let me keep my extension letter, but took my green card. She told me that I need to care the letter when I travel. This seemed a little different from other experiences I have seen on here, but at least i have the extension for a while. The woman at the counter then told me that the wait for ROC is 2-3 years (ummm?!?) and that I will need to come back and extend again next year. I asked her about filing for Naturalization and she said that it would likely slow down my case and I need to be careful that I don't interview for the I-400 before ROC or it will cause problems. She seemed to be hinting that I should wait for ROC before applying. Now, I know from here that it shouldn't matter and that they generally will process I-751 and I-400 together... but I was sad to hear about the wait time. Hopefully she is off on that too. Maybe it was the processing time at the Minnesota Office and not the service centers... who knows. Anyways, I was able to get my stamp even though I had more than 2 months left on the extension letter. Hope that is helpful for others!
  8. I have an appointment next week, and about 2.5 months to go on my extension. I'll post an update. I know every office is different, but makes me feel better to know other people's experiences!
  9. Hey, Question for July Filers - For those that got their I-551 Stamp, how much time was left on your extension letter? As with a lot the offices, mine never seems to have Infopass appointments. The last time I needed one, it took days of auto-refreshing the screen. I have been randomly going on and the other day I got an appointment for July 31 and took it. My letter doesn't expire until October though. I'm a bit anxious because I have international travel in September and November and I just started a new work project that will have me traveling pretty frequently. Has anyone been able to get the stamp with > 2 months left on their extension?
  10. If that's what this means, they have been actively reviewing mine since February. I'm not sure if there is any point in looking for meaning behind most of this... they'll get to it when they get to it and they will finish when they finish.
  11. I've been getting these every 3-4 weeks or so. I don't think they mean anything in terms of how soon you will get your decision... Maybe they do, but I don't think anyone really knows the process at USCIS (Including USCIS) I figured it is just an automated email to try and prevent applicants from flooding the phone and infopass lines with questions on the case status.
  12. There are two numbers. You get one with the NOA1 when you file for ROC and then when they pass the case for biometrics it gets a new number and that is the one that will have all the tracking on it. I believe any other updates (including the extension letter) will have that number on it. The first number I think is useless for tracking your case.
  13. Wouldn't it be nice if they just had a rule and stuck with it? I can't apply for ROC until I am within a certain time frame, you would think they have a similar window or earliest date for the stamp too (I know this is asking a lot!!). I have been watching appointment windows for weeks and finally got one for July 31. It will be past a year since I files, but 2 months from the letter expiration date. I'm worried though because I have international trips coming up and I have a work that is going to have me out of state frequently and without a lot of notice. Hoping they will be nice to me, but seeing this I am going to prepare to be sent away. The thing that is so frustrating is that not only is it making applicants stressed out and nervous, but it is clogging their system up with wasted Infopass appointments. If they would just stamp when you come in, you wouldn't have to come back.. or if they would just give a consistent timing for the stamp, people could book appointments when they need it. It drives me crazy!!
  14. So sorry to hear about this. I don't have advice, but would suggest that you take this out of the thread here and make it its own post in Effects of Major Family Changes on Immigration Benefits You might get more people viewing this and better advice I have a feeling you are not the first to have this happen so hopefully someone can share their experience.
  15. I think you can do info pass in other cities? Maybe it's worth checking a nearby city if Atlanta is so backed up? I need to get the stamp too. I lucked out and when I renewed my driver's license, they renewed it to the end of next year (I don't think they were supposed to do that, but they didn't know). Considering getting the stamp should be pretty straight forward, it would be nice if they could just have a walk-in window for it. I'd imagine it takes < 5 minutes to complete. Think of how many people they could get out of their appointment system and phone system! EDIT: I decided while I was on here to take a peek at availability. Check out what it says for the Duluth Office! I have never seen that before. I may be making a road trip