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  1. I don't know for sure, but interested in this too as I travel a lot. From reading other threads from people who applied in early 2017 it seems that 45-60 before the expiration comes up a lot for timing to get the stamp. One person noted they called and were told to book the infopass within 45 days of expiration, but they are so inconsistent with responses there, who knows!! Please post if you find out the answer on this. I'll be using 60 days I think for myself unless I hear otherwise.
  2. I got a letter too, but it says they're going to reuse my biometrics. Weeks thing is I received this same letter months ago. I guess they are just sending these out to everyone? It doesn't feel like progress to me but at least it's something
  3. I just used Nexus with ROC/extension letter. I got flagged using the card and the IO said it was flagged because of the expiration date on my green card. She then said she could fix it and deleted my green card from my Nexus file. I haven't tried to use it since, but now I'm a little concerned I'll get flagged for missing info on my Nexus. Curious to how Nexus weeks with ROC. It might be easier to just go in the regular line
  4. Haven't got that email yet. When I check my status I don't get anything except the original message I've had the whole time. This must be their way to try and stop everyone from calling all the time!
  5. I totally forgot that there is that March 28th date on the letter!! I am travelling home for a few days, will probably call them when I'm back. I don't know if calling will do much since the processing time is over a year, but hey they told me to contact so I will contact! I'll report back what they tell me.
  6. I wonder, did any people that went to the Interview only to find out they needed bio-metrics receive a letter stating they did not need bio-metrics? At least it sounds like it only causes a short additional delay. It does not give me a whole lot of faith in their systems (Not that I ever had any)!! As to the reference number to check your case status - avora9002 is correct, you need the number that is on the biometrics letter. If you don't have one, some have been successful getting the number from USCIS if they contact them I think. I got mine after making an infopass appointment. I have no idea why they make multiple reference numbers... just another way to make us all confused!
  7. What I did was using Chrome as my internet browser, I went to the Webstore and loaded an extension called "Auto Refresh" You should just be able to search for it. Once it was added, there was a little icon in the top right corner of my broswer that looks like a refresh button. I then went to the USCIS page where it it searched for appointment dates and then clicked the refresh icon. It will drop down options on how often to refresh your page. I set mine to every 30 sec I think and then I just let it run on my computer. I had an appointment booked within the hour. How long it takes would depend on when they add new appointments, so I may have lucked out. I did this while I was at work, so I could just leave the window open while I did other things at my desk. Hope it works and you get an appointment! Once I did, I was able to get movement on the biometrics. I ended up not requiring them, but the letter came to me quickly after the appointment.
  8. I got an info pass at Minneapolis, and was having the same problem as you. What I ended up doing was installing a Chrome extension that auto refreshes your browser. I set mine to the search for appointments and I got an appointment time fairly quick (I think it was an hour or so, can't remember now). I would try that so you can at least get an appointment. Once I had my appointment I received a letter about 2 weeks after stating that I did not need my biometrics.
  9. I totally agree with what other people are saying. I only moved from Canada to the US, so in many ways it was very easy. That said, I still get homesick. The hardest thing for me is not having friends and family around. I try to talk to people back home regularly, but I also try to not let that take place of finding new friends. I would suggest for your wife to maybe look into Meet-up groups. If there isn't one, maybe she could start her own. Also encourage her to get out and find some hobbies, or volunteer, etc. Anything to create a new social circle. When I first moved here, the only friends I had were my husband's friends and honestly it made me feel so lonely. Having some friends that hers would probably help a lot. It's hard to make friends as you get older. Be supportive and if she just needs to be sad for a while, that's ok too. Another thing that helped me was focusing on learning my new home. I went to tourist attractions (sometimes on my own and sometimes with my husband). I tried out walking trails, found beaches in the summer. Went to local festivals, etc. etc. You do have to force yourself to get out there.
  10. The phone number is on the website: 1-800-375-5283 and then follow the prompts. You can also try asking immediately for a Tier II rep when you get a person. for the address change, you should be able to request it online: https://egov.uscis.gov/coa/displayCOAForm.do
  11. After multiple calls and an Infopass appointment I was told I would get my letter for my biometrics appointment and instead got a letter saying they would use my previous biometrics. So I am now waiting for approval, or interview, etc.
  12. An affidavit from the friend you're renting from would be good to have or whatever lease or agreement they had you sign when you started living there. If there are any receipts for rent, maybe those too? Since you have 5 months, I would take a look at the list and see if you can get any more put together in time for your case. I think the bank statements and tax and lease/deed are the important ones. I don't know about the bank account, but I'd assume having it set up since you were married is good even if it isn't used much. I think regular activity is good to show though. In the end, submit what you have and you'll get an RFE if they need more evidence.
  13. I found this somewhere in the forums. I had this same problem and was trying for weeks at all different times of day! If you use Chrome as your browser, you can install an extension into chrome that auto-refreshes the appointment page. Just go to the extension web store and search for "Auto-Refresh". Once installed, go to the appointment scheduler page and then click the auto-refresh extension. Once I did this, I found an appointment time after about an hour! Otherwise, like others said, you just have to keep refreshing. Id on't remember what time I found an appointment, but it was in the morning. Hope this helps.
  14. I just got the same letter! I went in for an Infopass on Oct 11th and was told that I'd be put into the next batch of appointments for biometrics. I received a letter on the 21st (dated Oct 14th) that they will use my AOS biometrics and no need to come in. Very happy and makes you wonder... how is this not already just part of the process? wouldn't all I-751 have had biometrics done in < 2 years? Not complaining, but just makes you shake your head at some of the processes the poor USCIS employees have to deal with.
  15. The time spent on setting up and sending the letters, they probably could have scheduled the appointments! I was told I'd be added to the scheduler last week.. I'm not holding my breath! I guess the letter is better than nothing? ☺