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Found 43 results

  1. Hello everyone. First of all Visa Journey has been an amazing resource and has helped me so much through my K-1 visa process. There is one question that I have not found anywhere. Can my significant other visit me for a week after the K-1 has been approved, without using her K-1 visa? My SO and I are going to file for a K-1 visa in the upcoming weeks. We would like to travel and see each-other about every 5 weeks, just for a week at a time. I have researched how it can be difficult for her to come into the US while the K-1 visa is pending, so I am aware of that situation. But my question is if she can visit after the K-1 has been approved, without using the K-1 visa. I know it is probably a weird question, but we don't want to start the process of her being stuck in the US while waiting for a green card for a few months, but we would love to get the K-1 approved as soon as possible. Hopefully this makes sense. I appreciate all of the help. Thanks, -Isaac
  2. My fiancée works and lives currently in Finland, very close to Russia. I’m wondering if it’s better for her to apply at the Helsinki embassy instead of Moscow? Any advice/experience would be greatly appreciated. also how does the Helsinki embassy work as far as scheduling the interview? Do I schedule it myself after the NOA2? Does the recipient and beneficiary both get notified that they can schedule the interview? Any details are greatly appreciated!!!
  3. Hello!! We did our interview in Jamaica and got through. However, medical is coming up. How soon will we get our greencard after the Jamaican embassy recieves it?
  4. Hi guys! hope all of you are ok. Blessings I'm new here so let me explain our story briefly. My husband(my boyfriend at the time) came here on Christmas to spend new year with me, I told him to stay so we look for info about the process and we got married and did the AOS process, it was never our intention to do that, that just happened because I didn't want him to leave. After that on June 5th 2017 we submitted our AOS package to USCIS, after that he received a fingerprint schedule same month, we did the fingerprint everything was ok. On July 10th 2017 we received a request for initial evidence, request that we reply next day, they received our response on August 8 2017. After that we have not received any other messages from USCIS, not even in regards of his EAD(one of the most important things for us). We've been calling them and making service request, 3 service request to be exact and the only thing that they have to say is that our case is currently not assigned for processing. We talked to a level 2 USCIS officer and she said something about calling Ambudsman office. Are you guys have another options, what else we can do? we are super stressed. Thanks to you all!
  5. Good Evening Everyone, I'm Jay (UK Citizen by birth) and my Wife is Christina (American Citizen by birth) We were married in America in October '16 and live in the UK since Feb 17' Christina is here on a 30 month spouse visa. We have been discussing renewing her visa or relocating to America for a couple of months and have come to the decision we would like to live in America. We have been reading up on IR-1 visas and are hoping to submit our I-130 forms here in the UK in October 2018 with a view to moving in October 2019. This may seem a long way into the future, but we like to be prepared and have a house in the UK to sell as well as looking into flying our dog to America with as little stress as possible for him. My main questions at the moment are with regards to the 'steps' to the application process (and i know its almost impossible to say) but if anyone can add timescales to it aswell. MY current research suggests the following 1) Submit I-130 and I-130a forms concurrently to a UK address along with all supporting Documentation (I've read this somewhere but don't have it to hand) 2) Receive OF169 and OF230 Parts 1 and 2 3) fill out these forms as well as an I864 form For both Christina and her mother who will be our Sponsor and return to an address i'm unsure of. 4) Invited to interview at local consulute (London) 5) take I-485 forms as well as all supporting documentation to interview, 6) Receive a decision during interview and receive stamp in passport 7) Travel to America and on Arrival, residents status will be granted 8) receive green card in the Mail. However, I'm unsure of information regarding the Medical, are you advised when to book it and where to book it? is that part of the correspondence that arrives with you when you receive the OF169 and OF230 forms? Apologies in advance for what i'm sure is a repeat question, i just can't seem to find a clear 'process line' or 'timeline' Thanks in advance
  6. Hi everyone! We received our NOA1 about a month ago. I've been preoccupied with my full-time job but realize now is the time to start preparing. What is the best thing to do while waiting for a NOA2? What should I be focusing on and dedicating my time to? Any suggestions welcome. I just want to stop wasting time. Thank you!
  7. Question: we are currently awaiting interview date for the consulate in Juarez. We have an approved I130 and I601A for a IR1 visa. Our case completed with NVC 1/11/18. From what I have seen, we are likely to be scheduled in April. We cannot go until May and thereafter. I have contacted NVC whom stated we can place a hold on the case and then place it into processing at a later date. I also understand we can miss the appointment and reschedule. What is the better process? What are the timeframes? How are theses processes carried out exactly? Hope you can help. TIA.
  8. Hello! My fiancee and I applied for the K1 visa in May of last year. Several days ago I sent an email inquiring about the status of our case with the NVC(we had received the NOA2 in November) and I received a return email saying that my fiancee's application had been entered in to the system and we were sent a case number and all the information pertaining to her case, but in the email it did not say that the case had been sent on its way to the US embassy where my fiancee lives, but rather that the case had been entered. My question is: How do I know if the paperwork has been transferred to the embassy or if it is still being processed by the NVC since it did not specify in the email? Should I just assume that the application has been mailed? Assuming doesn't seem to be the right choice in a matter as serious as a K1 visa! Second question: if the application has been mailed to the embassy, what has been the average time between embassy receiving the application and the interview, for those of you who've gone through the process with the US Embassy in Sarajevo? About 3 weeks ago I spoke with a woman working at the NVC and she told me that all they do is enter the information, give a case number, and then send the application to the US embassy specified in the application.
  9. Hi guys, Hope you guys are all ok, MERRY CHRISTMAS FOR ALL OF YOU! Guys I'm a little bit desperate and confused. On June 5th USCIS received our package for our AOS process, they sent me an appointment for my fingerprints(they took my fingerprints). In july sent to us a request for initial evidence which we mailed to them the next day. On august 8 they received our response(the evidence they request) its been since that day we haven't heard of them. We called them to ask about our process and most importantly for now the EAD because my wife is the only one working and we're a little bit struggling and I want to work to help her and our situation. So we called them and they said to us that if in the next 60 days we don't receive anything to call them, so we called them as they said. Now they told us that we have to wait 30 more days and call them again if we don't receive anything, we haven't received anything and tomorrow is the last day of the 30 days they said. I'm desperate and confused and I wanted to know if one of you guys had been in this situation or if one of you know what do to if they don't respond with something tomorrow I really need to work and I'm desperate hope you guys can help me with this THANKS TO YOU ALL
  10. Evening all, I need to vent a sec then get some sound advice and/or suggestions. I feel I am a very patient person and so is my fiancé. We both are Christians and I have faith that things will work in our favor. BUT, it's been over 190+ days since I filed our I-129F K1 petition. I wasn't worried now we both are getting concerned. I even tried using the tracking app but it just made me more concerned because most of the I129F for May 22, 2017 are completed and there are tons of I130 for the same date. I don't know if was reading it wrong but what I did was try to analyze by the last 4 numbers of our receipt and look for May 22 and May 24th dates. I did review all but was just trying to get and idea of where USCIS is at as far as the cases. I front loaded and sent the Affidavit of Support. I called the end if last month and spoke to a rep but they just read the same thing I saw online at that time they were still in April. The rep said next month which would've been November. I tried doing an inquiry a few days ago online and then on Dec 1st. They system did not process the inquiry and I got a message saying our application is within the current processing time. I'm traveling abroad this week so I'd like to have some good news to share with my fiancé. Is anyone else having a similar issue? I'm I missing something? Any idea?
  11. Hi all, I've got a bit of a situation and would appreciate any insight you can offer me. On December 14, 2016, my spouse and I had our CR-1 petition approved. We have not yet submitted the NVC packets, and I know I need to do this before 12/14 in a couple of weeks. (We didn't start the immigration process with the goal to complete it as soon as possible for a variety of reasons relating to our careers; this is why I haven't yet submitted the packets.) However, it is quite suddenly looking like our best option is for me to go to his country. This is all pretty sudden and not what we've been planning for the past few years. I am wondering, if we decide to have me move to him, where is the best point for us to halt the immigration process? Should I or should I not submit our NVC packets? (We haven't firmly decided anything yet--I know if I don't submit the NVC packets then we need to start once again with a petition, so we are trying to make an informed decision quickly.) If I submit the packets and we halt the process after this, will it have a negative affect when we quite possibly decide to emigrate to the United States in a few years? Or will it be as simple as checking the boxes that say, yes, we have (partially) done the immigration process before and here's the number we were assigned, etc. Can anyone advise or give me an idea of what to expect?
  12. Hello guys, My wife had her Interview on January 10th 2017. In Islamabad, Pakistan. Its been almost 11 months and we haven't received her visa. Whenever we use to check the status, it was mentioned there 'Ready' . The beginning of this month, November, it changed to AP and then we received an email for a medical and passport size photo, eventhough we had submitted them at the interview. We had her medical again and submitted that 3 days before on 27th November. My question to you guys is that, what will happen next? And how long do I have to wait more? Please let me know ASAP. Thank you guys for your time.
  13. Hi guys! hope you're all good! Guys I recently was invited to a familiar reunion in New York city, the thing is that I'm still in the AOS process with my wife(she's the petitioner(US CITIZEN)), We filled the AOS papers on June, is November and I don't even have my EAD or SSN(think we have a delay because of Request of Initial Evidence(we sent that 2 days after they sent de Request) but still too much time. I have my passport with my tourist visa on it, but since I overstayed for the AOS process I don't know If I can travel inside United States, someone here can help me with this? can I go to New York in a plane with my ID(passport)? Thanks you so much guys!
  14. I spoke to a Representative at the USCIS this morning since no status update on my claim and they received my petition on 05/24/17. I was told they are working on cases from 04/01/17, which I also saw that online somewhere as well. The gentleman told me that my processing is about a month away and that they are still within the normal processing time. I believe I have been patient my fiancé as well but should I get concerned if by December 1 I don't here anything? The Rep just reiterated about a month. I need to put my vacation time in at work and I have ALOT but planned on going to the interview. Now I'm getting anxiety that I either can't go or will loose my time since you can't transfer over 40hrs and have over 100+. A friend said just put time in anytime and change later(easier said than done)but I don't know. Do you think by December we will here something? I did front load. Any suggestions?
  15. How long does it usually takes in the Uscis to get approval? its been already 6 months since they received my case and still no update, it seems like they're taking longer than the usual, does anybody have any idea about whats going on?
  16. Hello, I am trying to fill out the online form for DS 3035. The box that they provide for the A number wont take the whole number. is it okay if it is one degit short? How do I fill in the whole number on the Website? has anyone had this issue? Also which one should I start with, the DOS application or the No objection Statement from my home country? Thank you for your time,
  17. Hi! I am scheduled for my k1 visa interview on SEPTEMBER 26, 2017 at 6:30AM. I had my medical exam on SEPTEMBER 11, 2017. Came back the day after to get ny immunization shots SEPTEMBER 12, 2017. I was supposed to get my results after getting my shots because they told me the next step is to wait for my name to be called at the ground floor. However, I was trying to catch my flight back home (I live outside Metro Manila, 2 hour plane ride, and I HAVE to go back home bec I am breastfeeding my 2-month old). I didn't have enough time to wait for the results. I told them I will just go back on SEPTEMBER 25, 2017. A day before my interview. My question is, for those who have experienced doing their medical exam in SLEC, Manila: do I get the medical results that are required for the interview right away or will I undergo more tests? I just want to make sure that it's possible for me to get the results on the 25th... just in time for my interview which is on the 26th. Thank you!
  18. Hi everyone, hope you guys are all ok! Guys, I'm in an AOS process right now, we (me and my wife) started the process like 3 months ago, everything is going well, got my fingerprint appointment and I am just waiting for my Work Permit. I haven't applied for an AP (advance parole) because I didn't think that I need it to go out of the country in process time, unfortunately I do need to go back to my country to resolve some things and get back to US in maybe 2 or 3 weeks. The question here is, if I apply for an Advance Parole now that would delay my work permit or my process in general? and it's safe to travel with an advance parole? I read in some other forums that travel with an advance parole bring problems. If you guys know about this please let me know about it. I just need help and all the information you can explain to me guys. BIG THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!
  19. Hi, I filed for my Wife Petition and received NOA-1 on December 6th 2016. I was following USCIS processing times and within a month they only process 10-11 days worth of cases for an I-130 from November 15-26 2016 right now on their website. Is anyone taking longer than expected to get their NOA-2. I hear others only took a month or 2 for NOA2 on an I-130 spousal petition and Im just patiently waiting and nothing I can do at this point and thats what USCIS keeps telling me everytime I call them about my case. Its no help. Is talking to a Senator going to help at all?? like how long are they gona take..I am just worried that im waiting this long and doing something else will just delay my wait even more. Does someone have experience or can help me with this manner? I know the only response i keep getting is "keep waiting" from USCIS. Thanks in advance!!
  20. Hello, My name is Sylwia and I just am looking for some information. I and my fiance would like to get married and for me to move over to the USA to be with him as the long distance has been really making things hard for our relationship. He is American and I am Polish. I have lived in the UK for the past 10 years. We are currently engaged and have been together for over 3 years and last seen each other in person June 2016. We are trying to figure out which will be the easier way to go on about our situation. Could someone who has been through the process just advise on the following: - if I were to apply for the fiance visa to go to the USA, what are the rough charges and processing times? - Once over there and we got married do I have to apply for a spousal visa or can I just apply for status adjustment? How much does it cost and how long does it take? or - does he need a fiance visa or the marriage visitor visa if we want to get married if he will not be staying here any longer than is necessary? - The spousal visa for the USA. I got lost with what you have to apply for to get it. Correct me if I'm wrong but this would be the break down of the costs : * Immigrant petition for relative (I-300) $535 * Processing fee $325 * Biometric information $85 * Whatever the cost of the medical exam, police reports, travel to the consulate in London and the interview would be. Could someone just help me out here because I am getting so confused with what and where and why and I can't for the love of god work out an estimated price for all this. So if you could help please advise.
  21. Hi all, Context: I'm a US born citizen and wife is a Canadian citizen. No previous marriages, children, or criminal backgrounds. I am compiling all the documents to file the I130 and needed a little bit of help with the evidence of a bonafide marriage part. I am able to get sworn affidavits pretty easily, but I feel like I should include more. I am currently living with my parents - planning to get my lease a place once I get my wife over here (in about a year, hopefully). So, showing documentation of ownership of property is out of the question (or is it?) , along with showing that we lease together. So, I wanted to prove co-mingling of financial resources. I've talked to 3 banks now, and they all require my wife to be a citizen or a green card holder in order to add her to my bank account. Anyone have any ideas how I can fulfill this requirement? Thank You!
  22. We will send in our K-1 forms at the end of this month. My question is can anyone give me a quick run through or bullets of what to expect next, after its accepted of course. Along with the fees next to the Next appropriate action. form/interview/acceptance I'm trying to get a rough draft of which is to come next or expected and how much the form or process will cost. Thanks in advance! wish you all the best and a speedy process
  23. Hey everyone! My fiancé and I just got married and I'm not starting the Adjustment of Staus process. It's says that I need my birth certificate in English, but I gave up my birth certificate at the embassy when I had my interview. It was probably in the sealed envelope/package I received in the mail from the embassy, the one that I gave to the officer at the port of entry to the US. I remember the officer mentioned something about them keeping the documents for my process. Does anyone know if I can ask them for my birth certificate, or do I have to apply for a new one in my home country (Norway) and have my family send it to me?
  24. Hi guys hope you're all ok. Guys today UCIS sent me a check back the "I–765 Application for Employment Authorization" CHECK for $410(the new fee) but I don't understand why they sent me the check back. They also send me a receipt of the "I–765 Application for Employment Authorization". That's why I'm so confused. Like they sent me a receipt where application fee says: $0.00 but in the USCIS WEB says that the fee for I-765 is $410(That's why I sent the check) In the letter says: "Recently you submitted an application for immigration benefits.That form was submitted with an extra remittance that is not required to process your application..." Somebody can help me with this? I don't understand I'm on AOS from B2 Thank you all guys!
  25. Hello, I am recent graduate of this year and I've applied for my EAD card to the USCIS office. I have waited until 75 days and on the 77th day my status was changed from "Case Received" to "Request for initial evidence was mailed". I have no idea why I'm getting this status. And if this is the case then why they took so long to acknowledge me about the same? I've called a couple of times to the USCIS center but they didn't tell me anything and I've to wait for their mail to come. Let's say If I get the mail and send them the documents that they need on the next day then, is it possible that they will expedite my process? or do I need wait again for again 70-75 days to get my EAD card? I have a job offer letter with me and I've already delayed my joining date twice and I've no idea if they will wait for me again. It is just so frustrating and looks like I'll lose everything that I've gained in last 2 years. Can you please advice me on this situation? Any help would be appreciable... Thank you!