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  1. Hi all, Maybe this topic is already ongoing somewhere here, but I could not find it so far. I would like to meet people who started their application for their spouse (IR-1/CR-1) visa this year 2019. Maybe we can help each other since some processes changed or taking longer. Me and my husband just recently send the I130(a) on February 14th, no reply or notification received so far. We are both living in the Netherlands, he moved here 4 years ago. We have found a sponsor for me since he has no income in the US at the moment. We are both working for an international company and we have the ability to transfer with the company as soon as we leave. Maybe we don't need a sponsor than after all. Does anyone knows how that works or the possibilities? If there is already a topic for these conversations I would like to hear it too!😊
  2. Hi everyone, Everything for my I 130 petition for my wife is complete and ready except for one part! Just want to make absolutely sure that every little part of the document is correct. In part 5 i am asked if I've ever filed a petition for this beneficiary (which I have), after that I am then asked to provide the name, place, date of filing and result; the questions I now have are: Would the name I provide be my name and last name? Or that of my wife? Would the place be the town in which I sent the previous petition from? Or the town I was living in? (The reason behind this question being that my PO box is in a different town than where I live). and last but not least, would the date of filing be the day I sent the petition from the Post Office? Or when I received the first NOA for the petition? (We were petitioning for a K1 at the time). Thanks a lot to everyone who has helped me to bring together all of the information needed for this petition! The first part of the work is always the longest it seems, and now I've almost gotten through it thanks to you guys!! Much love, Bdshelton
  3. Hello everyone! I was wondering if I could apply for a F-1 Visa while my I-130 is pending? How would the process be like? Would I have to go through AOS? Please help!
  4. Hello everyone, So I am a natural born US citizen. I married my husband 12/2006 he is an undocumented immigrant from Mexico. We have 2 daughters together and I have 2 sons from a previous relationship whom he treats as his own. So I'm basically wondering if anyone can relate to our situation has done the papers and how thier process went? 2004: He crossed the border illegally to US 2005: he went home on a plane to mexico on his own for funeral 2005: he attempted cross, was caught and released - no deportation 2005: made it across border 2006: we married 2007 had daughter #1 2014: daughter #2 We never filled out papers because we were told to wait for a reform, and here we are almost 12 years later no reform. I'm not sure if he can qualify for a waiver? I work, have a good job so supporting him is not a problem. He also works, pays his taxes so that helps. He boss is willing to help if he can. Hardship: my 2 son's father will not let me take them to Mexico. Our 1st daughter has been medically diagnosed with anxiety, and sees counseling for that. My job won't allow me to move to Mexico. I obviously will be under extreme stress and have to apply for daycare assistance, food assistance, have to move if he would have to go as I'll be out his income (he does construction). Not sure what else they'd look for for a hardship waiver and if he can really apply for it? Any advice, experiences anything will help just frustrated with all this stuff.
  5. CamilaRemolina

    Paying Passport in the Dominican Republic

    My husband will be applying for a passport for the first time next week as we wait for the NOA2. (I filed a petition for him back at the end of July/beginning on August). We are a bit confused as too how we pay for the passport. We are seeing that he has to pay it at BanReservas first and then show proof of payment. Also, we are going to pay the extra mil pesos to expedite it and get it the same day to save us trips. Can someone please clarify this BanReservas thing? Hopefully my question in clear, but if not kindly ask away. This is the link where I got my info from: https://www.pasaportes.gob.do/index.php/servicios-s/solicitudes-nuevas/item/233-solicitud-de-pasaporte-para-adultos-dominicanos-por-nacimiento Please and thank you.
  6. Humsafar

    My Medical Exam with Dr. Ian Zatzman

    Hi everyone, I would just like to say, I am so thankful to everyone who posts here on VJ, it has helped my husband and I a lot. Here are my 2 cents! Background I recommend booking online through their website or even calling to find a date that works for you if online you can't find a suitable time. I called initially, since I did not know about the online booking process. The secretary is very sweet and she was going to give me Dec 5, because that was the most recent availability but then she said a spot opened up for Dec 3. Therefore it doesn't hurt to call and ask as well for an appointment. Note I booked my appointment as soon as I received my appointment letter which was Nov 9 and thats the earliest opening I got. Before arriving make sure you have: Passport Immunization record (yellow card, if u don't have yellow card call ur local municipality health department and pick it up. Go to your family dr to review if u are up to date on vaccines) Case # (Appointment Letter) - email printout will suffice anything that is mentioned on their website debit/cash of approx $360 (you pay separately at each step of the exam i.e., x-ray, blood lab, dr's office) The Exam Process I had my medical exam today in Maple, ON (Vaughan /Richmond Hill) with Dr. Ian. My appointment time was 11:15 am. In the morning's the parking lot is full (it is free) and i circled around for about 5 mins after i decided to park outside the plaza on side road. The waiting room was already filled and I was there by 10:45 am. The secretary called me up at 11:15am, asked for the items I was required to bring and scanned them. She did not take the passport photos I brought even though I asked about them. Instead she took a photo of me on the office camera and uploaded it. She asked for a payment of $260. She also asked about my intended US address, so make sure you know that. I recommend confirming your phone number, so u can be notified of your package. I entered Dr. Ian's office at 11:45am, and it was quick from there. He is a very nice man. He had a light conversation with me about where I am going in the States, if I have family there. He checked my immunization record, asked about any medication I am on, any major surgeries and then he checked my vitals (Blood pressure and heart). That was it and then it just took time for him to enter all the vaccine data into the computer. He then told me to pick up my package in 1 week. Dr then gave me papers and directed me to the x-ray lab and blood lab which are both on the first floor. By 12:05pm, I went to the blood lab to get that done and the urine sample. That costed around $30. I was called in for blood work at 12:25pm. The nurse drew 1 tiny tube of blood and then I went to give the urine sample. (Note: I asked for you all wondering, because I was curious too; for women on their period, you can still give a urine sample, supposedly Dr's can tell that its mensuration blood, so it doesn't interfere with the results. But perhaps it may be better to book around your cycle anyway if you don't want to deal with that.) At 12:39 pm, I was waiting in the x-ray office (it was not packed, thank God). That costed about $70. I was called to go change in the dressing room. I asked to confirm for a female technician (because I am a practicing Muslim). She took one pose and that was it. I was done for the day at 1pm. Let me know if you have any questions and Good luck!
  7. Hi Everyone! I AM FINISHED!! I would like to share my entire process for the Philly FO since I barely saw any here when I first started. I attached my timeline taken from USCIS.gov but I also have a few pointers and a little more detail that it doesn't show. I filed by mail (because I didn't know you could do it online at the time). My GC had expired about 3 months before I started the application. I sought advice from some online lawyers about whether I should have my GC renewed since I already started the citizenship process & they all said yes. SO, June 20, 2018, I applied for a GC and the lady automatically put in a 1-year extension when I went for my 2nd set of fingerprints (1st set of prints was for n400 in March). My N400 interview was originally scheduled for October but for some reason, they canceled it and automatically rescheduled me for November. I went for my interview on November 20th. Now, this is IMPORTANT! this is a different location then the fingerprints you go through security like you're at an airport (take off shoes, jackets, belts, etc.) check in at the desk so they can put in the system that you are present. The staff will tell you which door you'll need to go to The interview is on the second floor and there are 3 doors. Sit as CLOSE AS POSSIBLE TO YOUR DOOR or you will NOT hear them call your name! (a lot of people talking!) Someone comes out of the door you are assigned to and calls out (apparently I was called 3 separate times but I sat too far and couldn't hear). Fingerprinted again, another photo, and then the staff goes through your application to make sure everything is correct and there are no changes. Finally, the test begins: civic first, reading, then writing. Passed! YAY! Given paper stating, I passed and left.😁 Literally hours later I received a notification online that my oath Ceremony is scheduled to be in 10 days! Got my letter by mail. you have to fill out the back with the date of the ceremony. Ceremony Time!!! (52 people, 33 countries) 😎 Same building as interview except now you're on the first floor The staff hosting it was very friendly and funny Line up row by row to surrender your GC (FOREVER!), verify name spelling and birth date on the certificate (but you don't get it yet!) Watch a couple of videos, sing the national anthem, say the oath, and voila! you're officially sworn in! Row by row we stand and wait for our names to be called to receive our certificates (Like graduation). Watch about 2 more videos and THE END! 💃 You get to register to vote right there also and it takes less than 1 minute to complete. Still, haven't heard anything about my GC but it's useless now! TOTAL TIME: 9 Months
  8. ‎ألسّلامُ عليكمُ و رحمةُ اللّهِ و بركاتهُ Starting in the Name of ALLAH( GOD), The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful I'm creating this Specific TOPIC on this Forum to help all those Pakistani people who are in middle of transition for applying K-1, K-3 I-29F visa or Spouse Visa and willing to help other Pakistani from their Experience. Please share your experience from Start to End. Filling Form NOA1 NOA2 NVC RFE Embassy/Consulate Medical Interview POE Experience Note : Please keep your post related to TOPIC .
  9. Hey friends! I'm curious, at what point of the process do I go for my police background check/ clearance? I am the beneficiary and I live in Canada. I heard a lot of mix up and controversy about which type of forms you need (there are two options for this in Canada?) Do any of you happen to know exactly which form you need? Can you go to any RCMP building or must you go to specific ones that are required by the embassy (like the medical)? Does my husband (the petitioner) need a police check? Thanks!
  10. My husband and I have a joint bank account together, however, we just opened the account and our most recent statement says we have nothing in the account. Would a blank check from that account (which obtains both our first and last names) be sufficient enough to scan (front and back) and use as evidence? We also have another joint bank account here in Canada, I have statements and proof of consistent deposits and withdraws from that account, which we are also using as evidence for THAT specific account.
  11. I’d like to share my journey with the hopes of helping others out there. I entered the USA legally over 30 years ago on a F1 Student VISA - but never took the initiative to act on it till 2 years ago. So here is my timeline. AND Abe patient because currently wait times are longer than they were when I filled. We are a gay couple and got married in NYC - never left the USA all those years - if you have lived abroad they will need background checks from the embassies where you have lived. So got married FEB 2016 in New York cIty - Hired an attorney because I no longer had any original documents and FOIA needed to be filled to prove that I entered the USA legally. Waited for receipt of the paperwork, went to an authorized medical examiner - was able to actually bring in blood work from my primary dr instead of having to do more blood work. But they have to perform the tuberculosis tests and some other test themselves. Paid them around $200.00 - Came back to the lawyer with all the money 💰 ( he allowed me to make payments until before the interview) Documentation was sent and USCIS received my case in May 2016. They issue both you and your lawyer a receipt letter. About 30 days later you go for your biometrics where they fingerprint and take your picture. You must keep the receipt as proof that you went. And you can’t just go anytime you want. You will receive a letter with location and time of your appointment. You can reschedule the appointment but it’s not advised that you do so as it will delay the process even longer. USCIS made a mistake and requested further evidence stating I didn’t provide financial evidence from my sponsoring US Citizen. Which was not true. My lawyer is very competent and with years of experience. It was a money well spent to hire his services. In February 2017 we went in for the interview. It was nothing scary like the movies. But we obviously has more than enough substantial evidence. The more you can prove the better off you are. The interview was held in an office with me , my husband and my lawyer before the immigration officer. He asked a few expected simple questions and approved my case right there and then. August 12th - Receive notice that my case was approved. And 1 week later ( 2 months after the biometric ) I received my work authorization as well as travel authorization. Ok Fantastic só now I could get a job which I did immediately. The work Authorization card (EAD ) was valid for 1 year, while the green card is being processed. About 6 months later - March 2017 I received my green card in the mail. Unfortunately when I filled I was only married for 1 year, they issued a conditional green card that’s only valid for 2 years. Now it’s 90 days before the expiration date of the green card, so I just filled I-745 - Petition to remove conditions on a green card. A whole new process needs to take place, fees, biometrics and such. But then I will receive a 10 year green card. USCIS a will issue a notice extending your conditional green card while they work on your case. This is has been my journey. So I hope it helps those out there.
  12. What is the next step after NVC receives petition? I called and they received my I-130 on 11/2/18 And how long does it usually take for them to send your packet in the mail? Also, does anyone have an experience with Islamabad consulate and how long they usually take with their process once NVC sends everything over to them?
  13. Hello All! I am just about ready to send my K-1 Visa petition; After spending all this time getting everything prepared and planning to get it out before today's last mail pick up for the week at 5 PM (I live in a small town ), something has been really nagging at me up until this last minute to not do this, but to file a CR-1 instead, and here's why: Even tho I was in Manila just a few weeks ago, I AM fortunately able to travel again almost anytime (this is also one of the times of year up until the Christmas season, where airfares are at their lowest), and my question is how long I should plan to be there to complete the entire marriage process from beginning to end? We would have a very simple civil wedding with her family and friends in attendance- Can I do this within about a 10 day or 2 week period? I have, as mentioned in previous posts, had 2 K-1 visas approved in the past, 2009 and 2014, and I have already completed my Multiple Filer Waiver Request Letter that I would need to send with the K-1 petition. I also have a minor criminal record (all more than 20 years ago now and all could even be simply borderline "infractions" but they were recorded as misdemeanors) however these are NONE that are considered the "Specified Crimes" list on the I-129F application. This form was revised last year and the previous forms did NOT ask about these minor crimes like they do now so now I must reveal them which is no problem. But when I contacted each court (there are a few different counties) and am told by each one that because the cases are so old there is a longer process in which they need time to search for these records. So instead of doing this, I simply typed a detailed account and explanation of each incident, including each disposition, to send in but I am afraid I may still get and RFE (or even NOID) because i did not submit the actual records and this may create possible delays. I see nowhere on the I-130 or I-130a forms or instructions any mention or request for info on these minor crimes and the I-130 form is the same filing fee of $535 as the I-129F. I see also that the processing times are getting closer to each other (CR-1 is still longer). Any feedback is welcome (the post office is only a few blocks away)!
  14. Charlottedykstra1

    How long?

    Hi everyone! I’m sure this question is one of the most popular on this website but I wanted to get responses from people who have gone through the K-1 visa process. I’ve heard it can take anywhere from 4-9 months. How long did the process take you in total?
  15. Hello Community, i got married last monday and we would like to file the AoS now. We are just a little bit helpless with all the step. I tried to find the step by step process but i could only find the one with the k1 visa. I travelled in with Esta. Can you maybe tag me the link? We are living at his mom's House for now and he cant sponsor me, so does he definitely needs to file I864? His dad can cosponsor us, so maybe his dad needs to file i864? And if yes, what Else do we Need to send in from his dad? Tax return,w2? thank you so much in advance!!!!! kim
  16. Hi, Does anyone know how long it takes NVC to process a case once all documents have been sent digitally and once the application has been filed online? How long does it typically take to get to the interview stage if everything goes smoothly and no additional documents/changes are required? Just trying to manage our timeline so we know what to expect. Will you get the actual visa at the interview in your passport?
  17. Hi all - very helpful thread (below) about visiting the US with a pending CR1. In summary, appears that visiting the US on a valid tourist (B2) visa is technically permitted and most often approved for spouses who are undergoing the CR1 visa process. If a spouse is denied entry at the border on a tourist visa and sent home (presumably because an immigration officer suspects intent to remain in the US and purpose of visit that is not tourism), does that then have a major negative impact on the ongoing CR1 visa process? Does it cancel or annul the process? Or, is it just a denied tourist entry, and has no impact on the visa process? This seems like a huge difference in risk of a canceled process vs. a missed trip. Thanks for any ideas and perspectives. My spouse, currently in the middle of a CR1 visa process, spent nearly 90 days in the US recently. She now plans to return to Brazil for one month, and then return to the US for three weeks to attend 2 weddings. I imagine this is a relatively higher risk scenario given her recent 90 day stay, though am hopeful that because she's been in the US for only 90 days of the last 365, and has a clear and legitimate reason for visiting (2 weddings, with invitations and photos), both help to minimize her risk of problems at the border. Thank you! Brandon
  18. Hello! We are in the process of making our k1 packet here. I just wanna ask if we needed to make another letter of our love story? Because my Fiance already made a long letter of how we first met and when he went here to visit me on the 129F form question 54? Thank you!
  19. Hi guys, Don't want to go too deep into the details about our situation... Long story short, I applied for the fiance visa successfully half a year ago and my girl friend came to the states back in August of last year. Unfortunately, we have some issues that wasn't iron out and she irrationally left within a week back to China. After many months of communications, we still feel very strong about each other and want to give K1 another shot. My question to you all is, are there any difficulties re-applying the visa given our situation? what are some things that I need to be aware of? Any comments and suggestion will be helpful. Many thanks in advance! -J
  20. Hello everyone! Since end of September I have been under "ready to be scheduled" for my AOS case. Today, as I was going to check it, it appeared under this notice: My Case Status At this time USCIS cannot provide you with information for your case. Please contact NCSC for additional information. Any thoughts about why am I getting this? Thanks.
  21. Hi, I'd like to ask if how long the process would usually be if we hire an agency and if we can expedite our marriage certificate. Thanks in advance
  22. My fiancée works and lives currently in Finland, very close to Russia. I’m wondering if it’s better for her to apply at the Helsinki embassy instead of Moscow? Any advice/experience would be greatly appreciated. also how does the Helsinki embassy work as far as scheduling the interview? Do I schedule it myself after the NOA2? Does the recipient and beneficiary both get notified that they can schedule the interview? Any details are greatly appreciated!!!
  23. Hello everyone. First of all Visa Journey has been an amazing resource and has helped me so much through my K-1 visa process. There is one question that I have not found anywhere. Can my significant other visit me for a week after the K-1 has been approved, without using her K-1 visa? My SO and I are going to file for a K-1 visa in the upcoming weeks. We would like to travel and see each-other about every 5 weeks, just for a week at a time. I have researched how it can be difficult for her to come into the US while the K-1 visa is pending, so I am aware of that situation. But my question is if she can visit after the K-1 has been approved, without using the K-1 visa. I know it is probably a weird question, but we don't want to start the process of her being stuck in the US while waiting for a green card for a few months, but we would love to get the K-1 approved as soon as possible. Hopefully this makes sense. I appreciate all of the help. Thanks, -Isaac
  24. Hello!! We did our interview in Jamaica and got through. However, medical is coming up. How soon will we get our greencard after the Jamaican embassy recieves it?
  25. Good Evening Everyone, I'm Jay (UK Citizen by birth) and my Wife is Christina (American Citizen by birth) We were married in America in October '16 and live in the UK since Feb 17' Christina is here on a 30 month spouse visa. We have been discussing renewing her visa or relocating to America for a couple of months and have come to the decision we would like to live in America. We have been reading up on IR-1 visas and are hoping to submit our I-130 forms here in the UK in October 2018 with a view to moving in October 2019. This may seem a long way into the future, but we like to be prepared and have a house in the UK to sell as well as looking into flying our dog to America with as little stress as possible for him. My main questions at the moment are with regards to the 'steps' to the application process (and i know its almost impossible to say) but if anyone can add timescales to it aswell. MY current research suggests the following 1) Submit I-130 and I-130a forms concurrently to a UK address along with all supporting Documentation (I've read this somewhere but don't have it to hand) 2) Receive OF169 and OF230 Parts 1 and 2 3) fill out these forms as well as an I864 form For both Christina and her mother who will be our Sponsor and return to an address i'm unsure of. 4) Invited to interview at local consulute (London) 5) take I-485 forms as well as all supporting documentation to interview, 6) Receive a decision during interview and receive stamp in passport 7) Travel to America and on Arrival, residents status will be granted 8) receive green card in the Mail. However, I'm unsure of information regarding the Medical, are you advised when to book it and where to book it? is that part of the correspondence that arrives with you when you receive the OF169 and OF230 forms? Apologies in advance for what i'm sure is a repeat question, i just can't seem to find a clear 'process line' or 'timeline' Thanks in advance