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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone, I just started filling the I-129f with my partner. there is a question if the fiancé has children. well it’s really difficult to answer this question. the fiancé is from Morocco lived in Ukraine, then moved to Germany and applied for refugee status in Germany, he now has a refugee status and residence in Germany. back in Ukraine his ex GF, claimed that she’s pregnant from him and they registered the kid on his name, however after he moved to Germany the same GF called and told him that she wrong and he’s not the father, and she wants to remove the girl from his name. He sent a document from Germany, declaring that he agree to forfeit his parental rights. Due to the situation in Ukraine now, court is not working and girl with the kid moved to Slovakia. Now what should the fiancé answer in the I129f form Yes or No , to question does the beneficiary have children? Also, the fiancé lost his Ukrainian permanent residence, should he still answer yes for question in D-160 “do you have a permanent residence in any other country”? if he answer NO, will that be an issue. please help thank you in advance
  2. My husband will be immigrating with his 2 small children from Canada. I am hoping I can get any advice or insight on what the process looks like with children (4) & (5). Thank you in advance for your help.
  3. I played dv 2022 for my mom and other relatives children who lives with her and they were successful 2022AF72*** then I submitted the ds 260 application a week ago already. She is in the process of getting the adoption papers for the children but my question is. 1. Can she get a new birth certificate and passports for the children when they are adopted? 2. Can she change their last name or they can just keep their original biological parents last name? 3. If name change then I’ve to contact kcc to unlock the ds260 for corrections, will it not be a problem for the entire process? 4. If the process will be complicated or an issue, can she contact kcc to just remove the children’s name from the ds260 then my mother can travel alone? Will this also be a problem? Note: the children already have birth certificates and passports which has their birth names on it.
  4. Has anyone gotten divorced from their partner after becoming a permanent resident? This morning, I discovered my husband emotionally cheating with over 100 people on Tinder and other social sites. I confronted him about it and he does not want to go forward with reconciliation, just a divorce. We have two young children here in Washington State. I am not working (youngest just turned 1 year) and not sure what to do at this point. Ideally, I would like to bring them with me back to Canada. If I do this, my permanent residency will be abandoned. Does anyone suggest becoming a US citizen first and then doing so or just returning back to their own country? What else should I consider? Thank you
  5. Can anyone tell me if this is normal? My fiance was approved on her first interview. During a second interview with the two children a different interviewer told her that I lied on my paper work and that I was a violent man ( I got in a street fight at 21 years of age and went to jail at 23 years of age for driving with a suspended license , I am 45 years old now and I wrote all that down. I did not hide anything ). He said he needs me to write down why I got in a fight, why was I driving with a suspended license and he wants word for word transcripts of my court hearing ( over 20 years ago). Is this common? Why would my fiance be approved only to have some guy reject the kids? Id there anything I can do other than o what he ask ( Which I am doing anyway) Thank you Jesse
  6. I, the sponsor, have a few questions/ things I'd like to get clarified regarding the remainder of my visa process. 1) Probably the most easily answered is that I believe I need to have just under $44,000 for a household size of 6 (Me, my wife, and my four kids). My plan was to get a job offer from my company (U.S. based, I'm not working overseas) and use that to prove AOS. I'm now considering adding a family member for AOS, instead. 2) Related to the above, I'm trying to finish up the AOS and I'm stuck on the portion where it says to list dependents/children who will be immigrating with my spouse. Since I have transmitted my U.S. citizenship to my kids i.e. they are U.S. citizens, is this still required? If so, it would mean I would have to fill out additional paperwork for each child, something that would be nice to avoid. 3) I was trying to be proactive and have my wife pick up her "Criminal History Certificate" from the Police HQ in Saitama. They told her she needed a document indicating what type of information they would need to provide. I read on the Japan embassy website that "Instructions from the NVC" or other documents would suffice, but I don't think I've received any specific instructions from the NVC apart from the paper that says her visa portal account had been created and to follow the 12-steps to finish the process. I also read on here that the instructions would be sent in Japanese. Can someone please confirm? Thanks for assisting!
  7. Good evening, can someone please offer any advice for our situation, our details are: US Citizen - F UK Citizen - M Married six years living in the UK - US wife has IRL Want to relocate now back to the US (West Coast) One of the questions I have is around our children, we have three adopted children (under six year old), we assumed that like biological children our adopted children would gain dual citizenship through my wife however we have read conflicting information on this and I wanted to see if anyone on here had gone through this? I have read that we will need to apply for I130 for each of them (at £600 a time each) is that right? Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hello all, can anyone please advise. We are preparing to begin our applications to relocate to the US, one of the things we are trying to figure out is the affidavit of support, the plan right now is to have my father in law provide this for my application. However what we cant seem to find out is if our children will also need to have the affidavit of support from my father in law as well? Does he have to cover all four of us or is it just me? All my children are under 10 and as they get citizenship through my wife we are not sure where we stand on this? Anyone else been through this please.
  9. My husband will be able to apply for citizenship soon. Both he and my 14 year old step son have Permanent Resident Cards. Once my husband becomes a citizen, it is my understanding that my stepson will automatically as well. I am just wondering what proof he will get so we can apply for a passport. Are there any forms we will have to fill out for him and will there be any cost for this as well. I have tried to google and read up on it myself but I feel like I get conflicting information and I would love if someone who has already gone through this process could enlighten us. Thank you in advance!
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