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Found 29 results

  1. What do you think the path of least resistance is? Back round US citizen (wife) married to UK citizen with US residency (husband). He is 6 year resident and does qualify for citizenship. We live in state of Az. We would like to have my husbands daughter come from the UK to the US to live with us permanently. Is it better to do N400 Naturalization and have resident become citizen and then do N600K for child? Some say this negates the Visa waitlist that the I130 has. Or better to apply for I130 ? (Petition for Alien Relative) as a stepparent? What happens in either scenerio? Yes he is on the birth certificate. Yes, the child was on the initial I864 paperwork. Yes, mother of child seems supportive of decision.
  2. Sabrina02


    If a parent has from birth parent the child solely and now the visa is put in for K1, what is needed for a 14yr old to migrate with Jamaica without consent.
  3. OK so we are 42 and 43 years old. My son is 21. His daughter is 15. He lives in Morocco. I guess I just need to see what the requirements are to even get a K-1 visa. I have read so many stories in here and it seems as though there are horror stories and many reasons why people are denied. We have known each other since 2007 and I have visited 3 times. I have visa Stamps, correspondence, and many many photos back to 2007. Can someone give me advice or give me a list of requirements for the K-1 visa. Thank you In advance.
  4. Hello, My husband is a US resident of 6 years. His 15 year old daughter would like to reside with us in the US permanently. Can I get some guidance on how to best accomplish this? Should he go the naturalized citizen route? We would like for her to be able to come ASAP. I so appreciate any advice.
  5. ThisCharmingMan21

    K1 visa with young kids

    Hello, I've read tons of stories about couples experiences with their interview at the consulate in Juarez. What I can't seem to find is a detailed story that includes kids. In my case my fiancé has a 6 and 9 year old. Is the process much different than when there is only the sole beneficiary? I did find a post that said the mother did the medical, biometrics and interview first and after approval the kids did the medical and later went back to see the CO. -What is the process with kids? -Are the kids interviewed? -Is our going going to have to be longer than week? I received an email yesterday saying out petition has been approved and now I'm waiting for the packet in the mail. Thank you for you help!
  6. I have another question for the helpful knowledgeable folks here ; I know that I must include passport size photos for myself and my fiance when filing the I-129F however I see nothing regarding photos for children; Her 2 daughters are 3 and 5 years of age; Am I required to submit passport size photos of them as well? Also there is the chance I MAY petition for my fiance ONLY now and her children within a year; How do I mention this when filing? Thanks!
  7. I have decided that I will still file a K-1 Fiance Visa (Form I-123F)- In the past Forms G-325 (Biographic Info) and the Affidavit of Support (I-134 I think?) were required also; I know the G-325 is no longer required however is the I-134 still? And what else is still required such as my birth certificate, a photocopy of my passport, passport size photos of both of us, etc? I am asking because it appears that so much of the info / instructions on the USCIS website is outdated- Thanks!
  8. Hi, We are filing our I751, my wife has a 28 year old daughter who will not be joining us in the USA and lives in Brazil. Do I still need to put her down in section 5 under children information? I ask because the instruction say to put down children who are also looking to get there conditional green card changed.... she has not applied and has no intention of doing so..... I am a little confused. Thanks for the help.
  9. Did anyone take their kids to their interview for AOS? I have my interviee next month at 9am. We live about an hr away. I dont want to be late to the interview. Was thinking of staying close to the office, this would mean brining our 1 year old along. Any experiences with bringing kids along to the interview?
  10. VanDerFran

    Never met her child.

    Hello friends, Let me read what you guys have say about this. My Fiance has a child that lives with her mother far way from Manila, I met my Fiance 3 times, and we travel outside PH, I never met her child or any other member of the family. What implications this may have on a K1 process? Thanks Van Der
  11. Hello, please help! Ive applied for my parents the dv lottery and they got selected. At the time I applied I read you that I should involve in the application only the children under 21 and so I did. I listed mom dad and sister under 21. Now they got selected and Im filling DS-260 for them. when I put we are 3 children in total from my parents marriage it states it does not match the number of children entered in the application. I live in Usa and came here appx. 3 years ago on a K1 visa. My other sister is over 21 yo and single. Should I add myself and my other single sister over 21 years old on the application? Im very confused. ** I also applied the DV Lottery for my sister over 21 yo, alone, not involving anyone else in the application, but she didnt get selected. Is this wrong? Please shed some light. Thank you in advance and God bless you all in your lifes and in all these petitions. Cheers from Bella!
  12. Hello Friends, I would like to hear what you guys know about this topic. Lets say, a filipina beneficiary of a K1 visa has a child, that does not leave with her since baby, and she wants to bring her child to USA, lets say after 2 years of her POE when child will be 7. She wants to settle down completely before work on the separation of child-grandmother. With that scenario in mind, please help me to understand/confirm some areas of the process or processes. Children info still goes on I-129F. No child passport needed at mother embassy K1 interview. No K2 will be available since K2 is only good for 1 year. A new process needs to be file any time (IR-2: Unmarried Child Under 21 Years of Age of a U.S. Citizen). The 'U.S. Citizen' on 'IR-2: Unmarried Child Under 21 Years of Age of a U.S. Citizen' refers to the step-father and not the mother since she will be a residente for at least 2 years. Thanks Van Der
  13. Hi I am a dual US/UK citizen (through birth to a US citizen father). I have always lived in the UK but looking to move with my family to the US to be near my father's side of the family. Just wondering if anyone can advise me on where to begin with paperwork, procedure etc. Or if they have had a similar situation?? My husband is a UK citizen as are our two children (both under 16 years old). My children are not eligible for dual citizenship due to me not having met the residency requirement (well I assume that is the case anyway). We are frantically saving for the big move but the whole procedure seems rather daunting!! Any advice would be much appreciated.
  14. Hi I have two points to clarify, having looked through previous queries and the info. I have completed the forms to say my four children will each travel now and not later. 1. Does my almost 18 year old have to enter the USA at the same time as us or can he join within the 6 months? 2. Does AOS have to be done within a set period for K2 children as well? ie at same time as me as the entering parent Thanks so much for your assistance. This forum is an absolute jewel!
  15. I'm in the process of submitting an N400 form for naturalization for my wife. My wife has four kids from a previous marriage, all of whom are adults well over 21 living on their own, and who do not intend to immigrate to the US. The on-line N400 form has a spot in the evidence list for children's birth certificates. Do I need to include the children's birth certificates if they are independent adults who have no intention to immigrate to the US? We've never before been asked for their birth certificates anywhere in our immigration process. Requesting birth certificates now for my wife's children would take many months. I can't fathom needing them if they do not factor into my wife's immigration and naturalization. Hopefully someone's already been down this path. Thanks! Max
  16. HI Everyone, I have a random question concerning my step kids. My husband is still waiting for his adjustment of status since December 2016. Unfortunately, I don't see us receiving it any time too soon. In the meantime we're desperate to see the kids! I've been to Dominican Republic several times but it would make my husband super happy to see them himself as well. What should we do so they can come to visit for the summer? Would they really need to go through the whole visa process as well??? THANK YOU!
  17. My fiancee has a Philippine passport but her son, who is 8 yrs old, does not have a passport. We have put her sons name in the 129f form. Still waiting for approval (received RFE 2-28 in the mail, sending the response Monday (took awhile to get the documents required)) My question is, since he is 8 years old, would he need a passport? If he does, what is the quickest way to get one in the Philippines? There is over a 3 month waiting period for an appointment to get a passport. She has never been married. Sole Custody of her son. Thank you for your time
  18. My husband got to the States 1 yr ago. My step son will be 21 in July of this year. Is it too late to file an I130 for him? He's 4 months from being 21. Please advise, he lives in Jamaica
  19. My husband got to the States 1 yr ago. My step son will be 21 in July of this year. Is it too late to file an I130 for him? He's 4 months from being 21. Please advise, he lives in Jamaica
  20. Hello, I will be filing I-130 for my brother and his family. my nephew is 20 years old. as we know it takes 10+ years for sibling category. I have few questions. 1) What will happen to my nephew status/immigration as he is 20 years now and will be aged our when it approves 2) is there any restrictions for my brother or nephew to visit USA.What if my nephew want to come to USA on H1B while his I130 is pending? 3) what if my brother wants to visit using Visitor via while his I-13o is pending.
  21. Hi all Probably a dumb question. I am scheduling the interview. Hallelujah! after a nine month wait to get NOA2. My 4 children are on the application. Do I need to create an ADDITIONAL application for each of them for scheduling interview with the embassy or is it just mine as the primary? Your prompt advice would be so greatly appreciated! Thanks Helen
  22. I'm naturalized US citizen my wife came on a k-1 visa 2 years ago, for some reason my stepdaughter could not come with her so we decided to bring her a year later before she turns 21, now she is 18 with a 2 months old baby, is she still able to come to reunite with her mom and stepfather? or she has to come here first then apply for her baby. Any help would be really appreciated.
  23. My step daughter is 18, with an 1 month old baby. She is not married but still with her boyfriend, she was going to come to live with us when I applied a k1 for my fiance(now wife) but she decided not to come due to she was attending school back then, now that she has a baby, what are the steps to bring her and her baby into the United States? Any help on this matter would be very helpful thanks
  24. My husband came to the states this year in Feb., now we would like to bring his children here. What are the exact steps and what paperwork is required. I tried calling to get a better understanding but of course it's like calling a radio station to win a prize. Please any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  25. So, for those who are/have Brazilian beneficiaries: do you/your beneficiary have kids getting a K2? My fiancee has two kids and one has the bio father's name on the birth certificate, and after all these years of absence he's all of a sudden now raising a stink about his son going to the States. Either way, apparently when the child's name is on the birth certificate, the parent has to file with the court to get permission for the child to emmigrate. She already did that back in early July when we filed and haven't heard back (not unusual for down there as I understand it). ANYWAYS, have any of you dealt with this or know anyone else that has? How'd it go and more importantly, how long did it take? This part is the real potential wrinkle in our plans if for no other reason than we're worried she could get approved for the visa then have it expire while we're still waiting on this to get through.