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Found 7 results

  1. Hello hello, new to this section here. We were thinking about getting a CR-1 instead of a K1, So we have a whole new set of questions and stuff that i'd really appreciate getting answers to We're planning to get married in Malaysia, it will be his 2nd visit here and then applying for CR-1 once he gets back to the US 1. Anyone knows if the 7+21 days marriage waiting time can be waived in Malaysia? 2. Will it be a problem that we're getting married on the second visit? Will that be a red flag for the visa? 3. Can the joint/co-sponsor be his mother's man? basically the guys not married to his mum yet but they've lived together for 5years+ (he's a retired Sheriff) Also i still don't understand what is the difference of jointsponsor and co -sponsor (and who fill what form ect) 4. Proof of bonified relationship, joint bank accounts ? How do you go about getting all that done? I heard it's difficult if the person is not present for it. 5. I'm thinking about going to Indonesia for a temporary stay where my mum is currently living after the wedding and during the (10-14months) wait on the Visa. Will that be a problem? Would it affect my visa in any way and do I need to provide documents of things like this. 6. When is the documents of income needed, first packet or before the interview? He was in between jobs few years ago he's been getting raises last year and this year and we're expecting a position climb soon does the USCIS take into account what he's earning previous years or the most current? Thanks in Advance.
  2. Good day! As the title suggests, I was wondering if there are any Malaysians here who have experience withdrawing/closing the Employee Provident Fund (EPF) account in Malaysia due to obtaining US citizenship. Particularly would like to know about the process and how long it takes for the money to be transferred into the bank account. Planning to do it later this year when I go back for a visit but unsure how much time I need to get everything done. Really appreciate it if anyone willing to share their experience. TIA.
  3. Hai. We applied for CR1 Visa and received the interview letter (P4) recently, but NVC stated first name unknown (FNU) in front of the beneficiary's name. We're going to the interview at US embassy Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on September, 2017. Does this effect the visa and greencard once they're issued? How do I fix this matter before going to the interview? Should I get my passport changed? My passport will expired in 4 years.
  4. Hello all!! I am new to the process of all of this {have not even applied for the K-1 yet} and mostly doing all the work from the US side as my future husband is in Malaysia. We mainly have a lot of worries since Trump decided to place a travel ban and are wondering how this may affect him coming here. Basically, he is Indian and Muslim - Is now a good time to even be applying for the visa? I am also wondering if it is better to just hire a lawyer to see us through the entire process? Any advice or insight would be just wonderful Reema
  5. I'm a legally Muslim (actually atheistic) Malaysian male looking to get a visa to travel to the United States to marry my boyfriend and become a permanent resident. However i'm a little wary to start the process here in Malaysia due to a few reasons. Sodomy is illegal here in Malaysia and Homosexuality in general is illegal for Muslims according to the Islamic Courts. Being "Muslim" myself, I'm worried about being ousted and prosecuted here in Malaysia if we were to go with a fiance visa and set it up here. Ethnic Malays are not allowed to convert out of Islam in Malaysia therefore conversion is not an option for me to take to ensure i'd be safe enough to go through with the process and such. Can anyone maybe alleviate my worries or recommend what I should do in my situation? Feel free to ask questions.
  6. K-1 Visa Interview Question

    Hi Everyone, I just finished compiling interview questions for my reference. Since I'm from Malaysia, I did gather all interview questions asked in US embassy located at Malaysia (I get the information from US Embassy-Kuala Lumpur review and Malaysia forum). Aside from that, I did gather interview questions for K-1 in general (not specific to any embassy, i got this from online searching. MALAYSIA US EMBASSY 1) How did you meet each other? 2) What is your planning when you arrive at States? 3) Have you and your fiancé been married? 4) What did you do for living? 5) What did your fiancé do for living? 6) When did you start dating? 7) When did you start talking to each other? 8) Do you have engagement ring, can I see the receipt? 9) Have you been anywhere else outside of Malaysia? 10) What’s your fiancé’s name? 11) What’s your fiancé’s dad’s name? 12) Where does your fiancé live? 13) Did your fiancé is the owner or paying rent? 14) How long has he been working there? 15) Have you ever been to the US? 16) Have you stayed anywhere else (for more than 6 months) outside of Malaysia? 17) When do you intend to get married? 18) How many times did you meet up personally? 19) Do you plan to have a wedding ceremony in the US and Malaysia? 20) Has your fiancé stayed in Malaysia or anywhere near Malaysia before? 21) What is your fiancé date of birth? 22) How your relationship did become serious? 23) When did your relationship turn romantic? 24) When is the next time you will see your fiancé again? 25) How many siblings does your fiancé have? 26) Where do they live? 27) When is the wedding date and where? 28) When did he propose? 29) From which game did you meet your fiancé? 30) Where he was born? 31) How did he propose? 32) Will you coming back to Malaysia to get married again? 33) Do you have any children? 34) Do your fiancé have any children? 35) Why are you not getting married here? 36) When is the last time you met him? 37) Why he didn’t come visit you in Malaysia? 38) Do you know the reason you might not be able to marry him? 39) Do you know you have to marry him within 90 days after you landed at States? 40) Did you that he’s married? 41) What is your fiancé name? 42) How did you meet through a game? 43) How much did your fiancé make? 44) What have you been doing since the day you met? 45) Why did you decide to move to the US to get married? 46) What are your wedding plans like? 47) How did you know you would want to spend your life together with your fiancé? 48) Do you have any engagement party? 49) What is your fiancé education background? 50) Will you work when you arrived at States? 51) What will you do if you are not working? 52) Where do you work now? 53) Is anyone from Malaysia (i.e Family) coming over for the wedding? 54) What games do you play? 55) What games did him play? 56) Are you and her single? 57) What games are both of you playing currently? 58) Did he send engagement ring to you? 59) Can I see your engagement ring? 60) What do you like about him? 61) What do you know about his family? 62) Are you sure that a week together is enough for you to be married to him? FROM INTERNET (IN GENERAL) 1) How long do you know your fiancé? 2) When will you leave for the US? 3) What is your birthday? 4) Where do your fiancé’s parents live? 5) Have you ever meet them? 6) Where your parents live? 7) Have he ever meet them? 8) Have you ever applied for Tourist visa? 9) Are there any relatives of yours living in the United States? 10) Do you have any criminal records? 11) Do your fiancé have any criminal records? 12) Why did you decide to use K-1 visa to go and marry in the US? 13) What are your plans after marriage? 14) Where will you live at States? 15) When did you meet in person? 16) What do your parents think about this engagement? Do they approve it? 17) Why they didn’t approve it? 18) Did you make a formal announcement of your engagement to your family and friends? 19) How do your families feel about your plans to get married? 20) What do your fiancé’s parents think about this engagement? Do they approve it? 21) Did your fiancé make a formal announcement of your engagement to his family and friends? 22) How do your fiancé’s families feel about yours plans to get married? 23) Can you show me the proof of arrangements your spouse has made for your marriage? 24) Could you please describe the first time you meet in person? 25) Did you make arrangement to meet again? 26) What did the two of you have in common? 27) Who proposed to whom? 28) Why did you decide to have an engagement short after your meeting? 29) When did you and your fiancé start to decide to get married? 30) What is your fiancé address? 31) What did you give to each other for your last birthdays? 32) How often and what time do you call each other by phone? 33) Which holidays do you celebrate together? 34) Do your fiancé have any scars or tattoos? Where? 35) What is your annual salary? 36) What are your fiancé’s parent’s names? 37) What is your fiancé’s religious background? 38) Does your fiancé speak and understand your language? 39) Do you speak and understand your fiancé’s language? 40) How much did your fiancé spend on their last trip to see you? 41) How do you communicate with your fiancé? 42) Why do you want to come to the United States? 43) What is your fiancé’s full name? 44) How do you spell your fiancé’s last name? 45) Are you a terrorist? 46) Do you have honeymoon plans? 47) How many days a week does your fiancé work? 48) Do you and your fiancé have plans to have children in future? 49) Have you ever been denied a visa to any country? 50) What’s your fiancé’s phone number and email address? 51) How old is your fiancé? 52) What kinds of things do you enjoy doing together? 53) What was the last gift your fiancé got you? 54) Describe the moment your fiancé proposed to you? 55) What is your fiancé’s favorite movie/musical artist/food? 56) How much time have you spent together in person? 57) How do you picture your life in 5 years from now? 58) Does your fiancé have any pets? 59) Do you know any of your fiancé’s friends? 60) How many people do you expect at the wedding? 61) How long did you date before getting engaged? 62) What color are your fiancé’s eyes?
  7. Shanghai Pudong Airport connecting flight

    Hey all Firstly, I wanna thank the geniuses who came up with this site. It's seriously helped us a lot with our visa process. I have everything and all that's left is to fly to the US! I have questions for anyone who has gone through Shanghai Pudong Airport recently. 1) Is it true that I have to fill out the arrival AND departure card on the plane even though I've only got a 3 hour layover? I'm flying with Shanghai Airlines from Kuala Lumpur then connecting on a Delta Airlines flight to Narita. 2) Which terminal does Shanghai Airlines land? 3) Will I have to go through immigration twice? 4) Is a 3 hour layover enough? I would really appreciate some insight. Can't wait to be with my Husband. This married single life is so old! Have a great week!