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  1. YES I GOT APPROVED (June 23rd filer, notified thru USCIS App)!!!!!!!!!! More approvals coming... I feel it!
  2. I just got voted off VJ Island... but I think im going to hang around!
  3. Heres the app I use Josh!... for alerts... not scans.
  4. Congratulations.... I also see more approvals coming in on my app... I look forward to the full day scan. I feel lots of approvals coming thru out rest of this week!
  5. let me know when yours comes thru and ill do the same!
  6. and mine is 373222.... one number from mine... oh OMG... we are close!
  7. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
  8. I believe Congratulations is in Order!
  9. Thanks for the detailed info.... nice to know the facts!
  10. Patiently waiting.... may the force be with us!
  11. Any midday scans available?
  12. Tell me how, I volunteer!.... this is my second offer and request to help out!
  13. That's correct errors need to be called in. They will create a ticket and get back to you in a couple of days and will post any updates on that ticket on your USCIS login page.