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  1. Yeah no interview.. To be honest, I was not even worried about it. I think that the most important thing is the EAD but it is nice to get an extra year without paperwork now I live en Brooklyn.
  2. UPDATE: Green Card in hand one week after receiving the first text message. No more paperwork until at least spring 2019 Wish the best of luck to everybody, now I can focus 100% in the job search!
  3. Thank you! It just changed.. was stuck in "Fingerprint Fee Accepted" since January.
  4. NOA for the Green Card received!! I'll update when it is in my hands. Good luck to everyone!
  5. Thank you!! but I am not celebrating until I'm hundred percent sure 😂😂
  6. Hello everyone! I just received a bunch of msgs... my I-485 status went from "Fingerprint Fee Accepted" to "New Card is Being Produced"!! I still don't believe it... but let's see if something comes through the mail...
  7. Oh I see, so the first time you use AP you don't need to have it... thanks for the info! always good to know.
  8. Wow, it is the first time I hear about this... I will travel on advance parole next week, was this sent by letter to him? The combo card is enough to travel, this doesn't make any sense to me. Was the paroled I-94 issued before the combo card?
  9. Hi! could you please specify a bit more what happened to you? do you mean that you need the original i-94 that is given to you after you enter to the US on a K1 visa? Thanks
  10. All the best for the ones still waiting for their EAD, be strong and keep a positive mindset, mine was approved in 105 days so I know of how it feels.
  11. Hello everyone, I just got my combo card in the mail today and booked right away a flight to go back home and attend a friend's wedding by the end of this month.. My question is: American Airlines is asking for my passenger information, what do you have to fill when you are adjusting status so you do not have a Green Card yet? My guess if that I have to select "Resident Alien" (options are: Permanent Resident/Resident Alien/No US Resident Card) and then in the "card number" section just enter the number of the combo card. But I want to make sure first Thank you!
  12. COMBO CARD IN HAND!! They just delivered it to my mailbox even if they said that it will get here on Monday. That was a record delivery time
  13. hahahaha that's awesome! I am booking my flights to visit my family by the end of the month, right on time to see the wedding of one of my friends