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  1. Good luck!! Please let us know how the story ends.
  2. and I TOTALLY AGREE with that
  3. I would agree with you if they would do this without getting paid, but it is their job and you are giving them a good amount of money (much more that what they deserve for what they actually do to be honest) to do things properly and not just "don't care". Simple as that. But I guess that this is how the world works, take the money and run baby...
  4. Let me disagree here a bit, If I may... If they were not given the document by the doctor I think that it is a clear fault by the physician's side. They have definitely done that before so they know that it is a very important paper for the petitioners. I can't believe that they don't know what they are doing, that is negligence to me.
  5. Didn't get any "sealed medical for the embassy" I got an envelope at the medical center with the x-ray and the DS3025. they told me there to keep it with me at all times, that is what I did. I guess that what you say is what the medical center sends directly to the US Consulate in charge of your case. I don't know about that because I never saw the content of that package as you are not supposed to open it and the border officer takes it and you don't see it again after crossing to the US. What I know is that he definitely should have a copy of it, at least I hope so! Then my question is: If he doesn't have a copy of the DS3025 how is he going to include it on the AOS package to prove that he did already the medical? because that is what I did...
  6. Please double check because I did my medical in Germany and I definitely got a paper from the doctor, it is called DS-3025 Vaccination Documentation Worksheet. It was given to me in an envelope at the medical center and it also contains a CD with a copy of my chest x-ray. Without this paper you can not prove that you had a medical already and you will have to do it again in the US, it is not in the package that you have to show at the border.
  7. I see... Thanks for the info! it is always good to know
  8. Wow, I didn't know it could change so much from one place to another...
  9. Congratulations! Can I ask you something? why did your biometrics appointment take so long if you filed for AOS in October already... you know the reason? It just seems too much time for me!
  10. I wouldn't be worried at all. Take care man.
  11. Well, I did the medical for my K1 and the same check is also valid for 1 year for the AOS... They don't look for drugs in that test, I am 100% sure of that.
  12. When I did the medical for the US consulate in Germany they told me literally: "don't worry, we do not look for drugs". I wouldn't worry about it.