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  1. Oh I see, so the first time you use AP you don't need to have it... thanks for the info! always good to know.
  2. Wow, it is the first time I hear about this... I will travel on advance parole next week, was this sent by letter to him? The combo card is enough to travel, this doesn't make any sense to me. Was the paroled I-94 issued before the combo card?
  3. Hi! could you please specify a bit more what happened to you? do you mean that you need the original i-94 that is given to you after you enter to the US on a K1 visa? Thanks
  4. All the best for the ones still waiting for their EAD, be strong and keep a positive mindset, mine was approved in 105 days so I know of how it feels.
  5. Hello everyone, I just got my combo card in the mail today and booked right away a flight to go back home and attend a friend's wedding by the end of this month.. My question is: American Airlines is asking for my passenger information, what do you have to fill when you are adjusting status so you do not have a Green Card yet? My guess if that I have to select "Resident Alien" (options are: Permanent Resident/Resident Alien/No US Resident Card) and then in the "card number" section just enter the number of the combo card. But I want to make sure first Thank you!
  6. COMBO CARD IN HAND!! They just delivered it to my mailbox even if they said that it will get here on Monday. That was a record delivery time
  7. hahahaha that's awesome! I am booking my flights to visit my family by the end of the month, right on time to see the wedding of one of my friends
  8. I am sorry for what happened to you, all I can tell you is to please contact a professional lawyer specialized in these type of case IMMEDIATELY and start working with him/her in a plan. This is a very serious case to take advices from an internet forum IMHO. All the best, hope this will get solved soon.
  9. You were right! The shipment info started to show in My USPS this morning! I will have my combo card this Monday!!
  10. They are moving indeed! Just got this msg: "On May 4, 2017, we mailed your new card, to the address you gave us. If you do not receive your card by June 3, 2017, please go to to request that we send your new card to you."
  11. Exactly, you agent told you to please do it so they can keep their records updated, and that is understandable (I'll probably do it myself). But they can not tell you that you can not apply or work already, because that is not true Again, the annotation "valid for work only with DHS authorization" means that that SS card is not proof that you can be employed in the US and that you must also possess and present an EAD.
  12. Let's clarify some things here... I got my SS number months ago, and it was really helpful for me to get things like my NY state ID, bank account, etc... and not having to wait until now for that. In the card it clearly says "Valid for work only with DHS authorization" it doesn't say at all that it is not valid to work. You just need to have your EAD with the SS card. As @redone1 said, you can normally apply to any job un the US, you just have to present both documents together. You can also go and get a new SSN card to have that disclaimer removed, it is up to you. Hope this helps everybody.
  13. Well, got mail!! NOAs received for EAD and AP, both approved! In the NOA for the EAD it says that "The EAD card will have an I-512 endorsement on it, which indicates that you have been approved for advance parole", so combo card confirmed! Looking for flights to Spain in 3, 2 , 1...
  14. Congrats!! It seems that over 100 days is becoming normal right now... Does your email say something about being able to change the date of the interview if you can not attend? I am just worried to be in Spain visiting my family and getting a notification for an interview date before my re-entry date. Seems unlikely but who knows...