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  1. Hello, My husband and I have made it to the United States, and in August will begin the process to remove the condition from his resident visa, since we will have been married for 2 years in November. What are some things we should be aware of? Bank accounts, proof, etc... Also, we were thinking of bringing his sister to the US with a student visa to study English and possibly a postgraduate degree in law once she can speak the language well. Is this advised? Should we wait? Should my husband get his citizenship and then request his sister to come? Also, what does citizenship look like? Is it advised? Will they take his original citizenship away from him? Can he have dual citizenship? I apologize for all of the questions, but I am somewhat at a loss. Thank you dhm2
  2. Hello, So my husband and I finally have his visa and will be entering the United States soon. Any advice? What will the processing be like through immigration? Are there a lot of questions? Should we be aware of anything in particular? Thank you, dhm2
  3. Hello, Our visa was approved. Yay!!! However, I was wondering, how much time can one be overseas before entering the United States for the first time? Thank you, dhm2
  4. Hello, My husband and I have been assigned a date for our interview. Is there anything we should know before going? Also, if the visa is approved, is it best to fly out of Venezuela (where the interview is) or can we fly out of Colombia? Does it make a difference? dhm2
  5. Hello, My husband and I are on the final step - waiting for the interview date. Due to civil unrest in Venezuela and the danger, we moved to Colombia to work with missionaries in this country. At the moment we have a tourist visa, but we have begun the process for a religious visa. My question is, is it wise to change countries of interview? Does it cause many complications? Would I have to redo my paperwork? Is there anything I should know about changing country of interview? dhm2