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  1. Hi NasaMara, I'm in a similar situation (processing at NVC) and my wife is in Brazil. Could you send me this list in a private message or post below? Thank you so much! God bless. Chris
  2. Hi MayraAle, Yes! Great news. My case (NOA1 was NOV 2) was approved as of April 20. As of April 24, my case has been shipped to the NVC! About 1 month (and a few days) after it was transferred to Texas, it was approved. So thankful!
  3. Does anyone know how they prioritize transferred applications when going from one service center to another?
  4. That is probably still faster than the Nebraska center. I was under the impression that they process the petitions with the oldest Priority Dates (NOA1 dates). Are you saying that I lose this "seniority"? It's already been 5 months. Obviously, I was hoping they would prioritize mine since it might be older than the ones they are currently processing (if VJ's estimates are accurate). Thanks for your input! Much appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the response! Any idea what the procedure is for when mine will be processed? Seeing as my NOA1 date is further in the past than apps they are currently processing? (assuming VJ is accurate, as you say) We are excited, but I'm trying to understand the new process now. Thanks! Chris
  6. Hello all, Hoping to receive more great advice as I already have from VJ! Thanks in advance for any responses! I (US Citizen) filed an I-130 for my wife and my Priority date is Oct. 28. I just received a I-797C notice that my case has been transferred to the Texas Sevice Center. I'm wondering how the accurate the processing times are on VisaJourney vs. the actual government website. See below for the discrepancies/data. For the both Service Centers: USCIS website shows that "Field Office Processing Dates for Nebraska Service Center as of: January 31, 2017" - "processing cases as of date August 9". USCIS website shows that "Field Office Processing Dates for Texas Service Center as of: January 31, 2017" - "processing cases as of date September 4". For the VisaJourney processing times: Nebraska Service Center processing cases with an NOA1 date of Aug. 31. Texas Service Center processing cases with an NOA1 date of Nov. 31. It seems as though the Gov. website is rarely updated. Does anyone know how accurate the VJ processing times are and how they get the data? If we assume that the Texas Service Center processing time is correct on the VJ website, will they start processing my application right away since i have a priority date of Oct 31? Does anyone know how that works? Hoping for the best! Thanks in advance for any responses! Also, below are a few screenshots to help demonstrate what I am seeing. Thanks! Chris
  7. Thanks for the input so far guys! She was issued the tourist visa a few years ago, before we were married. She's not working now, so I can't really think of any "strong ties" that she has to Brazil. No house payments etc. No real obligations. Could that be a problem? I'd hate to waste $1500 on a plane ticket when I could just as easily go down there. Any further advice/help is appreciated! Chris
  8. Hello all, Thanks to all who help contribute the great info on this site that has helped me a lot so far! I'm posting this question because all the other threads get filled up with off-topic questions etc. Question: My Brazilian wife had a J1 student visa- and currently has a valid us tourist visa. We got our NOA1 about a month and a half ago. Is she free to travel here for a vacation? Any precautions I need to take or anything we need to do? Does she have any chance at all to get denied at customs when she arrives here? Can her traveling here, in any way, negatively affect our ongoing CR1 visa process? Thanks in advance to any replies I receive! Chris
  9. Hello All! I've been so busy I haven't been online here in a few months! I got everything figured out perfectly and I'm getting married in Brazil next month! Everything over there is already certified and ready to go, and we've set the date through the public registry. What's the smartest thing I can do in terms of bringing home documents with me? Are there any forms that I should have my wife sign while I am there to bring back with me? I'm assuming I should bring back the marriage certificate. Does this need to be translated? Any insight would be greatly appreciated! I just want it to be as smooth as possible and be efficient and try to avoid her having to send me documents in the mail, etc. if I can just bring them back with me. Thank you in advance for anyone that replies, I need some help! Regards, Chris
  10. Hello all- New to the forum, and I'm very excited to receive some helpful info from you all. I really appreciate any answers in advance from anyone. Ok- so here's where I'm at- Fionce is from Brazil and I'm here living in the US. She wants to get married in Brazil because her parents don't have the means to travel here. So we're planning to get a "civil marriage" (just a legal marriage) this summer in Brazil just so we can get the ball rolling (and do the whole church thing/ceremony later). My fionce went to the "registry" in her city where people get legally married. The person there said that they need 3 documents to be able to set a wedding date. The 3 documents are, 1.) Birth certificate legalized through a Brazilian Consulate 2.) Declaration of single status through American Registry 3.) Proof of address with my name. I have a few questions, and would be so grateful to anyone who can help answer them First question is about the first document. On the Brazilian consulate's website in Chicago is says- " FIRST legalized by a Notary Public; THEN authenticated by the County Clerk or Secretary of State, according to the system of each State." I've figured out how to do the 2nd part of that, but I'm wondering about being "legalized by a notary republic". Would my original birth certificate already qualify? Or do I have to take that somewhere and get something done? 2nd question is about the declaration of being single- Is that something that I write up myself? Or a document i can find somewhere? I've read on this site that some people went to the US embassy in the spouse's country to get this but that doesnt make much sense to me. As I said, any response to this is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much- God Bless, Sincerely, Chris