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  1. If you've paid the $165 immigrant visa fee, yes.
  2. Sometimes USCIS think you aren't in the US when you are.
  3. Guaranteed, if your NoA is about to expire. After it does, you don't have any proof of LPR status, and so USCIS is obligated to provide it to you in the form of the I-551 stamp.
  4. Usually a year, though I've seen reports here of them limiting them to 6-9 months on occasion.
  5. I'd say 50-50 on being admitted or turned around and put on the next flight back.
  6. Technically a passport is owned by the government that issued it. Contacting DoS, explaining the situation, and reporting it to them as stolen would probably be my first step. DoS may be able to order the father to surrender the passport to them. Regardless, the consent of both parents is usually required to obtain a US passport for a child.
  7. It can take up to 30 days to receive receipt notifications from USCIS.
  8. USCIS can correct minor errors by themselves. The correct answer is A.
  9. They may ask the reason why you weren't indicated as his child, and may request a DNA test too. If you're confident that any DNA test would indicate he is your father then go ahead.
  10. 1) How long have the I-485s been pending? 2) What exactly is the lawyer proposing to do?
  11. That's fine, just make sure to enclose some proof of meeting in-person too, as they won't just take your word for it.
  12. None whatsoever. Republicans aren't going to enact any meaningful immigration reform. If anything, they will create more roadblocks and make the process more complex and laborious, not less. And you can certainly forget about any kind of amnesty for those already illegally present in the US. The next four years promises to be a rough ride for immigrants of all stripes: legal, undocumented, present on nonimmigrant visas, or anything else. January 2018, when I become eligible to file my N-400, cannot come soon enough.
  13. Photocopies. This is stated in the I-129F instructions.
  14. Any US citizen or LPR domiciled in the US can be a joint sponsor; you don't have to be related to them or even know them particularly well (though most people do, because it's a hard thing to ask for).
  15. https://www.uscis.gov/green-card/green-card-processes-and-procedures/child-status-protection-act/child-status-protection-act-cspa "Seek to acquire" means filing either an I-485 (for AoS) or an I-824/DS-230/260 (for an immigrant visa) within one year of a visa number becoming available. You can keep the case alive by contacting the NVC at least once a year.