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  1. You jeopardise your green card by claiming asylum from country X and receiving a green card on that basis, but then travel there.
  2. No, an LPR is when she's actually had her green card approved.
  3. Either get the name corrected by contacting your nearest CBP Deferred Inspection site, or enter the name exactly as it appears on the I-94 as indicated.
  4. You can ask for your passport to be returned. They can then request it again when they actually need it.
  5. AP is open-ended and has no maximum duration. For a male from Jordan, it could be several weeks or months.
  6. There is nothing you can do but wait.
  7. I would run, not walk, from Wells Fargo. But that's just me.
  8. AP = Terrorism checks for a male beneficiary from Pakistan; in very rare cases it can take several years. MENA AP can take a long time for males.
  9. Provided he has documentation indicating the charges were dropped then he should be ok. That's something I'd ask an experienced immigration attorney about, however, just to be on the safe side.
  10. USCIS usually transmit your registration immediately upon receiving your application. The smart thing to do would be to register yourself now, which you can do online if you have a social security number, or through the mail if you don't. The worst-case scenario will be that there might be a duplicate registration in your name, but that can easily be fixed down the line. Better two registrations than none.
  11. *These.
  12. You can include them, but for these sorts of waivers it's generally the simpler the better. A brief explanation giving the history and what has changed/improved in order for you to be granted the waiver would seem appropriate. That types of waivers are usually quite straightforward to obtain if you are otherwise eligible.
  13. The safest option is the transportation letter, since once obtained it will virtually guarantee entry into the US due to the song and dance you have to do to get it in the first place. You're rolling the dice by choosing any other option. She might get in, she might be denied entry and sent back, and she may not even be allowed to board in the first place. It isn't a risk I would take, but obviously it's up to you and your wife.