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  1. US Government Shutdown - 20/1/2018

  2. No one here will help you break the law.
  3. With regards to the medical, you have one year to submit it from the date it was completed and the I-693 was certified by the civil-surgeon, and then it's valid for one year from that date of submission. So if you're able to get to USCIS as part of your packet before 15th February then it will stay good for a year. Over a year and you'd have to have it performed again. I personally would not wait for the SSA. I would submit the AoS packet now, and use the name she wishes to use from this point onwards, whether that's her maiden name or her newly married name (presumably yours). Just be sure that if she uses her married name on the forms, that she also includes her maiden name under the "Other names used" section on the forms which have it.
  4. She definitely is an overstay; OP stated the I-94 expired mid October of last year. OP, I would file for AoS and then fix issues with the SSA at that point when she is actually legally present in the US. Given the current political climate I would not advise she goes to see CBP in-person since she is out of status, is deportable, and therefore could be detained by them.
  5. I believe you were told what you claimed. They won't do it though.
  6. Contact one of your congressional representatives or the CIS Ombudsman.
  7. Which passport(?)

    But the US definitely does, and requires US citizens to both enter and leave the US on a US passport if you are a US citizen.
  8. By law, USCIS have 120 days to make a decision on your N-400 from the day you are interviewed or from the day they requested additional documents from you. Obviously, that time has long elapsed by now. Since they have said it's "with an officer", if it were me I would give them until February to take action. If, by the beginning of February you've heard nothing, I would then take USCIS to court under 8 USC 1447(b), which specifically prescribes for a federal District court review of an N-400 which USCIS have failed to adjudicate within 120 days of the examination or requested documents. See https://www.americanimmigrationcouncil.org/sites/default/files/practice_advisory/how_to_get_judicial_relief_under_8_u.s.c._ss_1447b_for_a_stalled_naturalization_application_fin_10-23-13.pdf for more information on this, which is an excellent overview of the process.
  9. G-1145s are not always honoured by USCIS, unfortunately.
  10. Valid name change documents usually include: a marriage certificate (for a woman), or a court order indicating your name was changed.
  11. A shutdown would affect the processing of visas. The deadline is midnight tonight. Right now I'd say there's a 50-50 chance of it happening. For some reason the US seems to think these kinds of brinksmanship deals are a good idea.
  12. Likely Administrative Processing then, albeit an extreme case.
  13. That won't be an issue for AoS.