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  1. I have the same question. My family member is meeting with her on Thursday after she told everyone that if you're a minor or someone accompanying a minor and your father is a US citizen then she has a plan to get them outta there and the ban doesn't affect them. Some people say she's a liar and only wants money, we shall see I guess.
  2. I don't know what stage of the process you are in or if this even applies to you but if your wife is pregnant during the interview and she mentions it to the officer it MAY help with avoiding or speeding up administrative processing and getting that visa printed quick. The reason I say "it may help," is because every embassy is different, from reading reviews here, but the embassy in Djibouti for instance definitely hurried the cases of pregnant ladies over everyone else.
  3. The waiver does not apply to 99% of those we know. Julie Goldberg says on her twitter that those still waiting, will eventually be denied. It's just a matter of time. This is absolutely ridiculous and there's nothing anyone is doing about it.
  4. Contact whoever you can. It definitely can't hurt. I called both my senators to complain.
  5. These are not rumors and not exaggerations. The US embassy in Djibouti called at least 200-300 people who have been under administrative processing, some since June, and denied all of their visas yesterday. The criteria for the waiver is extremely difficult for anyone to qualify and there's absolutely nothing us ordinary citizens can do to change their minds.
  6. What month was the interview of those who were granted a waiver?
  7. There is no waver process. The councilor tells you if you're eligible for a waiver and grants a visa. It takes a long time.
  8. They called about 100 people to the embassy today. They refused all of them for the time being. They told them the waiver process is extremely lengthy and they gave everyone their passports back and told them that they should leave back to Yemen or to another country. The counselor said there's nothing in his hands and he can't help anyone. They're not granting visas guys, it's as bad as it sounds unfortunately.
  9. The scary part is how can anyone prove that they're entry would be in the national interest of the U.S. That letter clearly states you have to qualify for all 3 criterias to receive a waiver.
  10. Updated on 11 December 2017Urgent Notice: Case scheduling for all applicants remains unaffected by the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision. However, a medical exam is STILL required prior to a National Visa Center appointment being honored or a missed appointment or legacy Sana'a case being rescheduled at the U.S. Embassy in Djibouti. Please do not write to ConsularDjibouti@state.gov or deposit a letter in the Consular dropbox requesting your case be rescheduled. This only slows case processing for all, including for you and your family. This is the automated response I got when I emailed the embassy. This says nothing about the issuance of visas though. Again if anyone hears anyone get a visa, please for the love of god, let us know.
  11. We contacted our senator who then contacted the embassy and we were told that the cases are currently under administrative processing. They didn't say anything about not granting visas or anything. Please everyone contact your senators and congressmen and let us know what they say.
  12. Yes my family in Djbouti told me the same thing. Those who interviewed after the ban was implemented were refused and told they have to start the whole process over.
  13. No one knows how to apply for a waiver. They haven't made anything clear yet. 😔
  14. I contacted CAIR. You can find their info online. They told me they're unsure of everything right now but said there's a very very slight chance that those who interviewed already and already approved won't have problems. But again, they said they're not sure and they will call me back. Call them, they can help you.
  15. The new travel ban is bad news guys, really bad. No one comes in until they make a final decision in June. Even then, it's likely they will rule for it. Please if anyone knows anything about who have already have visas traveling let us know.