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  1. That's terrible. So what happens if they don't get the visas in time for the interview? Are you sure they even need visas for Djibouti? Weren't people just going on boats before?
  2. Nope. Hope everyone remembers to update here cuz we're all on the same boat.
  3. Maybe that's why they wanna send some cases over to Baghdad. To help ease the load.
  4. Thank you for your reply. I mean checklist as is in we got it from the NVC after we sent in the AOS and IV packages.
  5. About 7 months! That is so long to wait. And god knows if Trump's law will pass by then. Did he get expedited? I'm beginning to think another country might be faster. Does anyone know anyone who transferred to Algeria?
  6. In Jan. we sent in the AOS package with the co sponsor's 2015 taxes. Now we got a checklist for not adding pages 10,11, and 12 from the co sponsor's i864 affidavit of support. They asked we send in another affidavit with the missing pages. My question is do we now have to send the co sponsors 2016 taxes? (By the time NVC finally opens the case to review the deadline will be long gone)
  7. Does anyone know anyone at all with an upcoming appointment in Djibouti? I'm worried they're not scheduling for anyone, expedite or not...
  8. Not my case. I'm helping out a family member petition for his wife and children. The children's cases are complete but the mother got a checklist. IDK, but from what I understand from that email is that they might be offering Baghdad as an option to transfer your case.
  9. Your interview will be scheduled at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate General listed below when the National Visa Center (NVC) receives all of the necessary documents. To provide the most expeditious service to all applicants, the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad will try to accelerate appointments for documentarily complete cases and schedule them at the earliest opportunity. This is the new reply I got. ^^
  10. Ivyemen@state.gov The weirdest thing happened. I checked my email again and they sent us a message saying the accepted the expedite and will forward the case to the embassy. Then a minute later I got another email from NVC saying they want to recall email message 'DJI---------' And then the previous email when they said they accepted just disappeared from my inbox. Long story short. I don't believe these people. Everyone says something different so I'm gonna keep trying for the expedite, can't really lose anything at this point.
  11. Monday. I sent it to ivyemen@state.gov
  12. They just replied back saying the embassy in the Djibouti isn't accepting any expedites anymore due to the large workload. =\
  13. Can someone help me out please. We sent the expedite request to NVC and they told us we have to email ivsanaa@state.gov. Does this make sense because the Sanaa embassy is closed. Should we be emailing the embassy in Djibouti the expedite request? If anyone has their email please let me know what it is.
  14. Also you guys should all try expediting. I spoke to a supervisor at NVC and he said from what he knows Djibouti is accepting expedites for a wide variety of reasons and is being very lenient because they understand the circumstances.