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  1. Oh wow ok. My only experience is with Yemeni passports so I've never heard of this but insha'Allah khair that's good news. Insha'Allah it won't be that long now till his visa is issued.
  2. How do you know when those people interviewed? Waiting one month from interview to visa isn't bad at all.
  3. The only way they issue the visa is in the passport. That tells me that they aren't gonna issue him his visa any time soon but honestly it's just a waiting game now and you're almost at the finish line. They will call you guys back to take his passport and they will stamp it. Insha'Allah it's not too long. Hang in there sis, you are literally at the last step.
  4. It'll work out don't worry. They will call him any day to come pick up his visa inshaAllah.
  5. Can you please clarify what you mean by "the date started changing around the week of approval?"
  6. I agree. I don't think this is true at all and this congresswoman has no idea what she's talking about. Either that or we are all being lied too by the Supreme Court. Contact your senator or another congressman.
  7. Really sorry to hear that. I don't think anyone has an answer or has any idea what is going on. Look at YemenzQt, they issued a visa to her father while her mother is still waiting. It's hard to say but it can literally change overnight so hang in there. You're at the end, almost there. Did they take his passport? Have you tried contacting a congressman or senator? Can those with interviews please let us know how your spouses plan to travel to djbouti?
  8. Congratulations. Please do let us know how the appointment goes.
  9. Apparently yes because there's something tying them to the U.S., the relative.
  10. Congratulations! You didn't mention when is the interview?
  11. But it said anyone with a legitimate tie to the US would be okay too, like school or a job or a relative. The only ones I can think of is visa lottery, like you mentioned, and I guess seeking refugee status maybe? The whole thing is shades of grey and very confusing!
  12. Your moms status didn't change yet? Did she inquire about it at the embassy?
  13. I understood that aswell. That a foreign national with a US relative can obtain a visa and travel as normal. But that begs the question, who does this "modified version" affect? It's not like just anyone was able to travel to US before? IDK, in my opinion I see the vetting process becoming more intense and lasting longer.