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  1. 1. How long did you submit I-485? If it is more than 1 year, you have to submit an updated I-693, just go to your civil surgeon and tell them to update it to current. 2. I-512 is advance parole, you applied for I-131 then AP is called I-512. Disregard it if you don't have it, it is a general letter anyway. 3. At interview stage, don't worry about cosponsor or sponsor requirements anymore. 4. Everything you can gather, both names preferred. Insurance, Bills, banking, mortrage, car titles... 5. Patience and faith, confidence are needed. Good luck.
  2. Yes everything on hold when RFE. Wait until you receive the mail. Good luck.
  3. America is a continent, which country do you want to study in? By the way, with your manner, I don't think you would receive much info.
  4. You answer honestly to your knowledge, don't make up answers. You will be fine. Good luck.
  5. Two seperate things to do. She fills out DS-160 here - You can definitively fill it out for her with her assisstance (on phone or chat), but at the end, if it will ask who helps her to fill, just mention yourself. Make sure she understands completely what they ask on the form, any false answer can be used against her later (big thing with immigration of course.) After submitting DS-160, she will print confirmation page, she then goes to for scheduling interview using DS-160 confirmation she receives (after paying fee of course.)
  6. Home visit might happen.
  7. Be patient. Good luck.
  8. She has to be interviewed in Argentina to get it, and there is no guarantee that she will have it. You are making it more complicated than it should be. Be patient and it comes before you know it. And yes she can travel to visit with B2 while waiting for it.
  9. I don't see why not?
  10. Consulate will extend it accordingly. Don't worry much. Good luck.
  11. USCIS is not patient for 3rd RFE, you failed to fulfill it 2 times then I don't think DIY is good for you. It is better to hire a good legal office to take care it new I-485 for you. Good luck.
  12. You need to get your green card first then you will apply for citizenship when time comes, which is 3 years since you obtain your green card if you are still married to same husband.
  13. I am so sorry for your rejections. Unfortunately, you don't have any proofs that you would come back to Pakistan this time like no stable jobs, no family, no established business (actually you were even more persuasive back then with IT jobs but they still denied.) You are welcome to apply again anyways. Good luck.
  14. How much did she make 2016? If it is below IRS requirement, then she doesn't have to file tax but she has to explain reason on a signed letter why she doesn't have to. Letter, job contract, paid stubs are okay to prove current income. But if she just starts work recently, USCIS will request for evidence. Good luck.