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    Problem is, NOTHING happens in vermont....
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    US_SL reacted to Mr. Florida in Info for those K-1s waiting on NOA2, esp from VSC   
    Thank you for posting your conversation with the USCIS officer. It feels good to hear something very relevant and realistic rather than simply waiting and waiting and reading speculation and rumors from various posts on this site that turn out to be false.
    I have just crossed the 4-month waiting mark, and I'm expecting my fiancee's visa will surpass the 5-month mark next month. But I would like to know one thing. How did you reach a USCIS officer on the phone? Which numbers did you dial in their automated system to reach an actual person? Your information is much appreciated.
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    US_SL got a reaction from EllaC in Vermont NOA2 update   
    Best thing to do is to call your congressman / senator and have them make an inquiry behalf of you. that's what i am planning to do on 12/30 as my 5 month is up on 12/29.
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