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  1. Since they have cleared back log , normal wait time resumes. It will be 3-5 months.
  2. Priority date has nothing to do with IL. Irrespective. Only DQ is respective. Mine IR5 petition DQ is January 2020 and still no IL.
  3. Patience bro patience. It will come out Thursday and Friday this week.
  4. You usually get pasaport in two days after interview. Why you waited so long? Check pick up location or reach out to consulate.
  5. most people DQ in AUG 2021 got their IL today. Sept 3,2021 also got IL today. Source: Whatapp and facebook. Good news coming to you all very soon god bless all and god bless united states.
  6. CR1/IR1 does not matter after DQ. They just go by DQ date.
  7. Just file as single or head of house hold unless you are earning 7 figure and trying to save thousands of dollar of tax filing married joint. Visa interview has nothing to do with how you file, they just care how much you are making and if you can support your spouse you are calling here.
  8. You can not apply based on your reason. it needs to be life or death emergency.
  9. NVC customer service knows nothing. They have rights not to look up and tell you anything. They are protected by law. They are contractor making $14 per hour and know nothing. It is helpless.
  10. So true!! It is heartbreaking to leave behind!! All the very best! I hope you get IL soon while you are there
  11. Wow. I am visiting my partner in April too. But my chances to get IL are less compared to you ☺️.
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