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    Ask and you will be given...Seek and you will find...Knock and it will be opened to you.

    That was it. Laid my hearts innermost desires at God's feet and He paid such tender attention to my heart.

    I asked...God sought...Femi knocked and my heart was overfilled with joy and thanksgiving.

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  1. God must really be doing some work here...I tell you, I have been praying for those folk with NVC and USCIS...All this time NVC told me that they had returned my case to USCIS on JULY 9...now I am hearing that USCIS requested the case returned on JULY 9 but it was actually returned on JULY 16!!! So I have dutifully been calling everyday since the 12th...are you kidding me? God be with us all...Still trusting God's grand plan...

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    2. M2MarryN


      I am completely lost and confused of what is going on between NVC and USCIS for me, I thought it was at NVC but when I go to my "check my status" on the web, it says it is at USCIS and on their phone-can't get through with NVC on the phone. I am an emotional wreck and life has already handed me a bunch of personal problems on my end recently. I am trying so hard to trust in God, I just wish the people with our papers could be a little more detailed on what is going on. They have...

    3. Heather Rae

      Heather Rae

      Wow girl when you find out what is going on let me know.....that all sounds so crazy goto to NVC to be sent back to USCIS what is up with that....Never have a heard of that one.....Anyway praying it all works out for you...

    4. Going Green

      Going Green

      Sending you all my prayers and thoughts that this all gets straightened out this week!!! Wishing you the best of luck!

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