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  1. I don't know much about Politico, but I Googled "Immigration Suspended" and this article was first on the list. Drilling down they seem to proffer that the suspension may apply to work related visas as there already been plenty of immigration restrictions put in place. Just the messenger, so don't whack me too hard 😉. Suspending Immigration: opinion "Since the pandemic began, the administration had already restricted foreign visitors from China, Europe, Canada and Mexico, and had paused processing for immigrants trying to come into the U.S. on non-worker visas because of office closures. That means the impact would probably address only immigrants coming here to work."
  2. The wife figured it out. Through the green card fee payment receipt thingy. She's was tracking it all along. 😅 Persistence, been 3 months since her son arrived and finally just now producing GC.
  3. Welp, that just killed my beer buzz. The wife doesn't want her son to have anything to do with Obama care (or whatever they call it now). She's thinking of some minimal coverage like emergency room and some other stuff. Not sure I know what shes talking about. For sure, we want him to have an employer that offers health insurance. But in the meantime, I dunno.
  4. Thank you for this info. No, he will pay his way, food, help with utilities, etc. We have no plan to claim him as a dependent. He's always planned to file his own tax return as single. I think at this point we will have him create an account in healthcare.gov and see what shakes out. Until he gets employment, he income will be zero, of course. He his actively looking for employment and studying for drivers license exam. Thanks again for the helpful post!!
  5. That is the ultimate plan. He is looking for employment. We are picky as we want him to have an employer that offers health care and other reasonable benefits. In the meantime, we'd like him to have some insurance.
  6. Another question (not sure if I need to start a new topic), is he a household unto himself, or must he include me and my wife as part of HIS household and thereby count our income as part of his? In other words, if there is a question on any application he fills out about "household" income, will he have to include mine and my wife's income?
  7. My wife's son arrived to live with us via F2B visa couple weeks ago. We just applied for his SSN. I have health insurance through my employer's retirement office and my wife is covered through it. My step son is 28 years old. Any suggestions on health care insurance for him. Not possible for me to keep up with all the ever changing govt. laws. Any suggestions? Any consequences for him if he gets marketplace insurance or Affordable Health Care Act insurance? He will be looking for a job when he gets his driver license, but there is no guarantee he'll get insurance from any future employer. So we are looking into this now. Thanks for any help and suggestions.
  8. Well, I did say "Thanks" in the original post. If needed, thanks again 😊
  9. I recall tracking my wife's green card production several years back. Now her son has arrived on an F2b visa. Is there a way to track his green card production, mailing, etc.? Thanks.
  10. That's what I was thinking about SS old age pension, in that it is included with income. To be sure, I threw in some cash to cover any shortage. AND, I still have my 401k, if needed, which at my age is very liquid. Merely a "Generic" response is what I am hoping for. Yes, we re-uploaded the I-864 alone as a single doc. As I mentioned, my I-864A had already been submitted and accepted in the correct "Request to add Household Member" section. That message from CEAC had me wondering, and worried. Thank you for taking time to respond, much appreciated!
  11. Yes, I did put my name in there. That PDF file (in my original post) is the actual 864 and 864A we uploaded with with only our real names redacted here for privacy. Thanks for taking the time to reply, much appreciated.
  12. Problems with 864 and 864A submitted via CEAC online. My wife (a naturalized U.S. citizen) is sponsoring her son to immigrate here as F2B category. Because her business derived no taxable income (after business deductions) I filled out an I-864A to co-sponsor her son. Not knowing better, she uploaded as 1 document both her 864 and my 864A as the sponsor in the “I-864” section. Separately, she also uploaded my 864A (including all support docs) in the “Request to Add a Household Member” section. Today we got these 2 responses from NVC: 1. AND: 2. Well, one problem is easy to solve. She will just delete the double documents submission in the I-864 Section and re-upload just her I-864 alone in the same section. As I’ve mentioned, my I-864A was already submitted in the “Household Member” section. But now were left wondering about the minimum income requirements note they sent us. I hope this is not too confusing, but here are the income areas of both our 864 and 864A as already submitted: ---> Income Sections.pdf My (the co-sponsor) income is derived from my retirement pension ($15,828) and Social Security old age pension ($18,060) and a little interest from bank and broker accounts. That’s over $34,000 in income PLUS we included savings and stock assets of over $123,000 just to make sure we had enough money. So how do we NOT meet the income requirements for a household of 3 people: The wife, her immigrating son, and me? Are they ignoring her I-864 until she correctly submits her I-864 as a single document? Or do we still need more income? Please help. We’ve been delayed so long now as it is and the wife is distraught that so many with priority dates after her son’s are already getting visa interview appointments and we are here still in the documents stage. H E L P.
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