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  1. Hi folks, I’m so relieved that my husband’s passport came back today with his IR-1 visa from the Consulate!! He can fly back to the state with us, yay!! I can’t believe how fast the Consulate responded to our additional proofs of my US domicile. They received our documents last Friday around 4pm local time and they approved the visa on the same day. July 1 is a local holiday and they mailed back his passport on July 2 then we received it today (July 3). Thank you all VJ members who have helped me throughout this long process and wish everyone who are still waiting for a visa on hand will get it soon!
  2. My son will have his classes until end of July and I need time for packing up all belongings in our home so I have to wait until Aug. My son is only 2 years old and he needs me to stay with him. Does getting a job back in the US weight a lot? I actually plan to be a stay at home mom when I move back. I have enough savings to support us for at least one year and my family will support us if necessary. I also got my brother as a co-sponsor for my husband. I submitted the additional documents to the Consulate today. Hope we will hear from them soon. Fingers crossed🤞🏻
  3. I read some similar cases of my consulate and they got approved in 2 weeks after submitting extra proofs. I have bought the flight tickets in mid of Aug and hope my husband will be able to join us.😢
  4. I will do / have done the following and provide the proofs to the CO: 1. Registration confirmation from my son’s preschool for coming September 2. Email and service agreement from the shipping company that I will confirm the moving services with 3. Email sent to US employers for employment seeking 4. Letters from my mom and brother stating that we will all live with them in my US mailing address after moving back 5. Car insurance card that my dad has added my name to his car insurance as family plan 6. One way flight tickets of my son and me Are these good enough?
  5. I wrote a letter based on this example and uploaded to CEAC and NVC has accepted it. My husband submitted the original during the interview but the CO didn’t even look at it. Since the first thing he told my husband was “I will not approve your visa today” so I think he has already made the decision before the interview.
  6. I also believe they do want me to move back first as all documents I submitted show I have a permanent US address and tie of the US. I decided to buy one way tickets for mid of Aug and move back first with my son. Will send all additional documents including the flight tickets to the Consulate and hopefully they will approve my husband before we leave. It's really hard to believe we may have to separate for a period of time... One more question...do you know if the CO denies this round of extra document submission, will they deny the whole petition or will they give us another chance to submit more documents?
  7. Yes I did submit my naturalization certificate with I-130 and my husband brought it to his interview. He even brought my US passport with him as well.
  8. Hi folks, I have been silent for a while as I was just waiting for my husband’s interview which is today. You know what?! We are put as AP!!! The first sentence that the CO talked to my husband was “I will not approve your visa today”. I can’t imagine how shocked my husband was when he heard this. The reason is the CO thinks I have not enough proofs of US domicile. He said this IR-1 is for family reunion but I have already stayed with my husband in his home country for 10 years. The CO needs us to submit more proofs that I will move back to the US. Here are the proofs of my US domicile that we have submitted in the NVC stage and to the CO: 1. US driver license with my US residental address 2. US credit card statement (I have been actively used) 3. US savings bank statement (I have put money in it regularly) 4. Active voter registration 5. Quotation from shipping company for moving 6. One way flight quotation from travel agent 7. Job resignation letter of my husband 8. Tax return 1040 of past 5 years 9. Tax transcripts of past 3 years Now we are trying to gather as much proofs as possible. I need you VJ members to help for brainstorming. Here are some proofs I can think of: 1. Letter from my parents and brother stating we will live with them. 2. Since we will live in my parents’ house, can we make a lease agreement with my parents? 3. Add my name on the utility bills of my parents’ house. 4. Add my name on the car insurance of my dad. 5. Online register my son to preschool 6. Buy one way flight ticket for my son and myself I don’t want to move back without my husband so I hope to find some proofs that I can get ASAP. Please help...TIA
  9. Congrats! That’s why @Kartinee23 said it’s no way to trust NVC anymore. Lol
  10. Next round will be your turn! Look forward to 2nd of June. I also waited for exact one month to get the date. Be patient 😊
  11. Thank you. ☺️ It came from an email with the subject “Immigrant Visa Interview Appointment” and both my husband and I received it.
  12. Hi folks, Finally it’s my turn to receive the interview date! I can prove NVC is still scheduling, lol PD: 04/09/2018 CC: 04/22/2019 Received Interview Schedule: 05/21/2019 Interview Date: 06/21/2019 Consulate: Hong Kong Don’t lose hope!
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