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    Me and Willem met in September 2008, in Seattle, when I just arrived there to study on a student exchange program at the University of Washington. Our meeting was totally unexpected, we met at a show in Seattle's Showbox at the Market, and i was asking where the buses are running and he offered to give me a ride. I have no idea why I accepted, cause I usually dont accept that kind of suggestions within the first 5 minutes after I meet someone, but for some reason i Did! And i am so glad I did:D Yay!
    I had no Idea where in a geographical sense is my dorm in seattle, so he drove me around tha university district for quite a while till I could guess. :D He is a nice guy so he was really patient:D Finnaly got home and exchanged numbers just in case, i get "stuck" somewhere, so he can give me a ride. Unexpectedly he called me the next day, and I know I have never been happier for a phonecall ever in my life. Since I was there only for two weeks by the time we met, he offered to show me around the area. We started hanging out a Lot, every day for like a week or so, and I met all his friends and went out to shows and had fun. He listens to the same music I do, so we had no problem in agreeing where to go. After that normally, i actually realized how much I like him, but wouldnt dare to admit that to myself, cause he was just out from a bad relationship, and so was I. And we became really good friends, so I didnt wanted to mess it up. Apparently he didnt think so. He wanted to try, so I agreed. I didnt wanted to lose such a person in my life, by getting in a relationship with him but the attraction was so much greater. We started dating, and from that day on we have nevere had a fight. I spent 10 month while i was on my scholarship in Seattle, basicly living with the guy. and I know I am more lucky than most of the people here. I had to leave in June 2009 cause my scholarship sponsors had the rule for me to come back Home ( Macedonia) and to finnish a project. I just thought its gonna be easier for me to come back here and Finnish it and come back to Willem. That turned out to be a problem, cause of all the visa thing and all the documents we should go through. So he came and visit me in December 2009 and stayed ti January 2010 for 3 weeks. I couldnt be happier. He met my family and let me tell you, even though my parents cant speak English and he doesnt know a single word in Macedonian, they agreed better that with any bf of mine they had ever met. We decided that we didnt want to wait longer, he even had his documents here in case we wanted to get married here. It didnt matter, cause we knew we are right for each other from the first day. we got engaged unofficially, and told my family about it and about our plans. they agreed, that made me really happy, and we started taking care of all the documents for our application. It took longer than expected, due to the fact that the application costs money and both of us on that side are kinda not so great and thats why we cant visit eachother more than we want to. Sent the app finally in MAy and got the NOA1 on MAy 10th. We hope for the best, talk to eachother every day, support eachother and trying to make it. Been a year since we have been apart, went through so much together, and I know that things will happen for us. Thanks to everyone reading this, it means a lot to share this story with all:D

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  1. Thanks A lot Me an You Us, I appreciate it, oh thats awesome that we have the same birthday, except my twin I dont know wnyone who has the same burthday, yay:D All best for you too!!!

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