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  1. I wasn't, I got my CR-1 and entered Feb of this year, right before the covid craze. For the non filers application I used my old SSN with my maiden last name (from when I was on a J1 visa), the offices refuse to let me update my last name at the time until they reopen. I don't know if this is the reason they reject my application, or if it's rejected at all, it's confusing. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi everyone, I applied for the stimulus check as a non-filer, my USC husband got his stimulus check before even filing for 2019 (he had nothing to file anyway and was denied ny IRS when he tried, since he lived abroad the whole year with me and didn't make any income in the US in 2019). As for myself, I went the non-filers route and am confused at the opposing messages I got. Can anyone help me? The email states: Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info - Return Accepted When I logging into the irs non-filers website, it gives me this: The IRS has rejected your federal return. Here's the reason for the rejection: 'PrimarySSN' and 'PrimaryNameControlTxt' in the Return Header must match the e-File database.
  3. Hi everyone, Is enrolling with Medi-Cal (California's Medicaid) health insurance considered a public charge? I'll need to do a ROC in about 2 years, will it interfere with that? Should I go with Covered California instead? TIA
  4. Does that mean that Medi-Cal (California's medicaid) is out of question? I'm in a similar boat as the op, entered 2 months ago will be removing the conditions of my CR-1 in about 2 years from now, so I'm trying to learn if I'm eligible for Medi-Cal or just Covered California? Currently husband is working minimum wage, his dad is a cosponsor, I'm not working yet. TIA
  5. Where did you find the local offices phone numbers as opposed to the national number? I'm asking since I've tried looking up 3 different offices near me and they all have the same number, which is the national one. TIA
  6. Thank you for the quick and helpful reply! One more question, did you apply for a new or corrected card? I have a SSN from years ago when I was a seasonal worker in the US as a student on a J1 visa. I recently got approved for a CR-1 spousal visa and moved to the US, so my last name and immigration status have changed, and I think I qualify for a corrected instead of a new SSN? Thank you for reading all my questions, I'm a little weary of sending my passport by mail, so I wanna gather other people's experiences before I do that.
  7. Did you end up getting your SSN, your passport and marriage certificate back? How long did it take them? Also, you managed to talk to a person on the phone after 5 minutes, or are you taking about the pre recorded stuff?
  8. In person offices are closed. I entered the US on a CR1 visa 5 weeks ago. The card was supposed to arrive in the mail but it never did. Anyone else in a similar situation, how do you go about obtaining you SSN number? Thanks.
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