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  1. Took just under a week for us to get the p3 email after they received it. Just keep an eye on the ceac tracker
  2. So for packet 3 how much "evidence of relationship" do I send. Should I send the entire proof originally included in the I-129F packet plus more recent proof as well?
  3. Received an email with packet 3 instructions pdf from the Immigration Unit of the Buenos Aires Embassy this morning. 5/13/2019
  4. Our case status now shows ready online. The problem is that my fiance is visiting family and is not home right now. Is there a time frame on when the packet 3 information must be sent to the embassy? I'm getting anxious because It's going to be a minimum of 2-weeks until we can send in the information.
  5. Our case status shows ready but my fiance is currently visiting family and not at home. How long can we wait before sending in everything for packet 3?
  6. Just to tag onto my last post, am I (The US Citizen) able to pay the MRV K-1 fee online? I am going to be wiring my fiance money for everything and want to know how much to send. AFAIK the two major things we will need to pay for are the MRV fee and the medical related fee's correct?
  7. Case status ready! Time for packet 3 and then the interview. I'm soo excited and yet so nervous. How long can we wait until we start sending in info for packet 3? (like proof of relationship, affidavit of support stuff etc)
  8. I waited until I received an email with the case number. Your case can sit at the NVC for quite a while so just continue to call every few days to check in on it. They will let you know if there's anything you need to do. Don't worry too much The old site shows that it's still at NOA1 for me as well but the new site shows NOA2. I wouldn't worry about it, I'd go off of calls/emails/ceac.state.gov from this point.
  9. Neither me or my fiance received an email regarding it being ready at the embassy. Last email I received was the NVC telling me my case number and that it was leaving the NVC and heading to the embassy. I've been using the tracker on state.gov to check it's status. https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?
  10. Thank you so so much for the detailed post! Our case is In-Transit and this is the exact post we needed to read.
  11. Met my fiance once in September. Currently at the final step (interview).
  12. How does the tracking thing work exactly? I followed the instructions and it shows a package from the NVC to Argentina so I am guessing I did it right but how exactly did putting in those dates even pull up the exact package. 😮
  13. Received email from NVC saying the case is being sent to the embassy in Buenos Aires. NOA2 - 4/3/2019 NVC - 4/30/2019
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