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  1. No I cancelled the interview and we will reschedule when no more quarantine require. But the Embassy noted that notify them 6 weeks before the intended interview and she need to be interview within a year start on the day that they sent the schedule of interview May 24th...Good luck to us!
  2. Got my mom interview June 24 but my mom reside in Macao, but arriving in HK required a 14 days quarantine so we might re schedule the the interview, before interview she need a medical exam first..so she need to enter to HK twice for medical exam and Interview don't know what to think..
  3. Hi VJ! I am here to ask question if theres anyone who had recently interview in HK US Embassy or are they open and scheduling interview in HK? Its been a while since the last time I received an email saying they are going to mail a letter and email for interview schedule but I still didn't get any email for my mom for her interview or medical. According to the email we need to wait the mail or email before my mom can schedule a medical and then schedule an interview. So I am wondering if anyone that live in Macao or HK had an interview during this pandemic? I tried to contact NVC but I cant get a hold of them. I am hoping to get some answer thank you. I also need to change my mom address as she move to a different address but the same city anyone can tell me how to change the address on her application? Thank you again.
  4. Thank you I guess that would be my best option but I filled online so I need to scan all of this ..thank you again.
  5. Hi Mr Pushbrk again..one more question pls..so I can't request tax transcript for 2019 due to covid they stop sending it by mail and I cant access my IRS account because I changed my phone number and you cant verify unless you get the code that sent to my old phone..So since I cant get the transcript at the moment which FORM should i sent ? I do have 1040 Individual income tax and Form1065 U.S. Return of Partnership Income I also have Schedule C? Just wondering if I need to scan all of this its a lot of papers..Thank you in advance for the answer..appricate you.
  6. Total Income line not the adjusted gross income that on our 1040?
  7. I do have 2017 and 2018 tax transcript but not 2019 I have to request I just filed our tax.so Mr Pushbrk you mean just form I-864A and not I-864 or I need both? If I need both what number should I put in my spouse income since our income combine included also his income from his other job? I am really sorry to bother I am done in civil documents just the Affidavit of support I cant start to fill up till I am sure of everything.
  8. I read some online that if you are filling tax jointly with your spouse and your income combined then your spouse not need to fill up I-864A? Is it true? Plus we own a business and he also have a second job but his income also combined in our tax..kind a really confusing what to do..
  9. Does anybody here to answer my questions? I am really need of help..pls??
  10. Hi guys needing some help Im petitioning my mother and currently on the stage of sending affidavit of support just wondering what should I put on the question about sponsor employment. me and my husband own a small business we are partnership 50-50 but I do not pay my self in the last 3 years I just started to put my self in payroll and my husband has a second job in other company. my question are.I am hoping someone can answer my questions it just so confusing. 1. Should I put my self employed or self employed and put my occupation as owner? 2. What should ?I send we do have have tax transcript and 1040 individual tax income tax 3. Should I include his W2 from his other Job? 4. Does my husband need to sign a form I-864 also since we are filling tax jointly? 5. Can I mail all this document instead of uploading online it just a lot of paper to upload but I did upload the civil document and submit except the federal paper works. 6. They ask for 3 yrs tax my tax yr 2017 was very low we got a big losses in our business but 2018 and 2019 we just recovered and I guessed we are ok. is that a problem if our income in 2017 was low? sorry to many question. Please help me guys I really need to finish filling up the form..this is all I need to complete so my mom petition will move forward. Thanks a lot in advanced I got a lot of help from this site when my husband started my K1 visa it was so easy but this time I am having hard time about this form.
  11. filed online 2/29/2020 approval date 5/4/2020 so far trying to finish the DS260 and the affidavit of support to submit online.
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