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  1. My Sweetest Vanessa... When I smile, I think of you. When I think of you, I smile. Do I smile because I am thinking of you? Or am I thinking of you because I am smiling? I am so confused! But one thing I know: I am missing you so - But not for very much longer... Only 22 days until we are together again in Bogota & only 26 days until the Embassy, and then it's Conmigo, Contigo, Siempre :-)

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    2. DanVanessaSiempre


      Yes, I will be with her all that week in Bogota, and have always planned to be at the interview with her.

    3. yucalover


      So are you ready? :-). I will be in Bogota the entire week also.

    4. Lettyandsteve


      Congrats, blessings and the best wishes in your interview guys!! :)

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