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  1. I unfortunately dont meet the residency requirements and my wife is not a USC.
  2. Yes that is certainly how it is supposed to happen. Even assuming that Dublin did call the USCIS in London, why are they refusing? I clearly fall within one of the exceptional circumstances and have submitted substantial evidence to prove it. Dublin's only reasoning appears to be that they are too busy. Sorry that I am just venting now but these processes are clearly broken. The net result for me is that I will have to quit the job I have been working in for four years as I will not move to the US without my daughter and while my wife is pregnant with our second child while we wait for another I130 application to get through Nebraska.
  3. Yes, I went directly to London just now and they replied immediately with the following "Although the USCIS London Field Office has USCIS jurisdiction for Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom, this office can only accept I-130 petitions from certain U.S. citizens who are residing in the United Kingdom. Therefore, you will have to file your I-130 petition with the USCIS Chicago Lockbox using the instructions and forms at https://www.uscis.gov/i-130. U.S. citizens residing in USCIS London’s jurisdiction but outside of the UK may, however, file the I-130 with the U.S. Embassy or Consulate having jurisdiction over the U.S. citizen’s place of residence if the USCIS London field Office Director determines that there are exceptional circumstances. More information on direct filing with Department of State based on exceptional circumstances can be found at https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/find-uscis-office/international-offices/united-kingdom-uscis-london-field-office, under Form I-130, Petition for an Alien Relative. If seeking to file directly with the U.S. Embassy in Dublin you will need to contact them and provide the following documentation: Signed/dated letter from the U.S. citizen petitioner outlining the reasons for exceptional circumstances; and Documentary evidence to support your claims for exceptional circumstances." My major frustration is that Dublin responded to me within a matter of hours which suggests that they did not send it to London for the review of the London Field Office Director but made the decision themselves.
  4. Hello All, I am a USC resident in Ireland. I have been made a job offer from my existing job which requires immediate relocation to Chicago. I understood that a short job offer relocation was grounds for direct consular filing (for my infant daughter), which would need to be made via the London USCIS field office, which has jurisdiction for requests coming from Ireland. I emailed the Dublin Embassy asking how I should go about making an application and they advised to make a written request to the same mailbox. I then submitted my job offer letter which was made contingent upon me relocating to the US by December of 2019 together with a further letter of support from the US employer explaining the nature of my role and why it was required that I was physically present in the US to undertake it. I received the following email back today: "Thank you for your recent email regarding your request for direct filing. We have reviewed your supporting documents and your request and in its entirety and after careful consideration of all supporting evidence and all other factors including our current staffing and workload, we wish to inform you that we are not in a position to accept your I-130 for direct filing. As you are currently resident and physically present in Ireland, you should send the I-130 petition directly to the Chicago lockbox. After the I-130 has been approved by USCIS, you may then wish to request an expedited review of the case through the National Visa Center. If the case qualifies for expeditious processing, we will then work with you in processing the case to conclusion as quickly as possible." Does anyone know where I can go from here in terms of DCF? I find the reasoning of the Dublin unit very frustrating - I appear to meet requirements for DCF set out by USCIS to review my accept my application in London, but I cannot get past the Dublin embassy. Any advice greatly appreciated. HG
  5. Hi All, I have a quick question in relation to applying for an expedited process from Ireland. My research tells me that the case can only be adjudicated from the Embassy/USCIS field office in London, as the Dublin Embassy does not adjudicate the cases. My simple question is whether I am supposed to therefore apply directly to the London address or bring it to the Dublin Embassy who will then forward it on? All help greatly appreciated. Thanks HG
  6. Can anyone direct me to a good resource on what I can expect from the NVC and Embassy stages now that I am through Nebraska? Is there a good catch all thread like this one? Much obliged, Hugh
  7. Hi All, First time poster to this thread and with some good news. It appears my wife's I130 application (NOA1 August 10 2018) was approved. Bizarrely, I only found out today after realising (by reading this thread) that there are two ways to set up online accounts with USCIS. I had been checking my case status online at egov.uscis.gov and on the 29th July received an email to state that my wife's name change had been updated. Nothing thereafter, no further emails or mail to our registered address. Today, I set up an account with my.uscis.gov and checked my application number and it says that we were approved on July 30th! The egov site is still just saying "Name was updated". Anyone have a similar experience? Hugh
  8. @Pushbrk - thank you for stating the very obvious. I feel much better now that you have scolded me.
  9. Hi everyone - thanks for your replies. Some more info: I am a USC born abroad to a USC. My wife is an Irish citizen. My daughter was born in Ireland and is an Irish citizen only (today). We do not meet the residency requirements to get automatic US citizenship for my daughter, although I understand that we can make a N600k application (based on my own father's meeting of the residency requirements) if we did not have immigrant intent which I assume is impossible given that my wife has an open I130 petition. I had read here https://www.justia.com/immigration/marriage-family-based-petitions/adding-children-after-i-130-approval/ and here https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/your-relative-had-children-after-i-130-approved-can-they-immigrate-too.html that adding derivative children is possible, but perhaps the information is not detailed enough... or just wrong? If I have to wait for an entire I130 process for my daughter now I am probably going to lose my job in the US... very worrying. Anyone able to provide some certainty? Much obliged. HG
  10. Hello All, I made an I-130 petition on behalf of my wife, NOA 1 was August 10 2018. I am hopeful of getting through Nebraska imminently (fingers crossed!). My daughter was born October 2018 in Ireland and we received her Irish passport a number of months later. I had been laboring under a number of misapprehensions in relation to how my daughter could be brought to the US since that point. Rather than listing all the mistakes I made, could anyone explain if it is possible to add my daughter to my wife's I-130 petition as a derivative child and whether it should be done prior to I-130 approval in Nebraska or at the NVC stage? I have seen a lot of conflicting online advice and no real step by step of how to make this change to my wife's petition. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. HG
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