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  1. 3-day sputum smear was negative. 8-week culture countdown, BEGIN! :-) Praying it'd be negative so I could be interviewed in Oct.

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    2. Phil& Wi

      Phil& Wi

      Hello Maam, i was negative on my smear too but its really still scarry coz jenny32 was talked about a gurl she met in SLEC that gurl was negative on smear but positive on culture! The St. Luke called her to come on SLEC coz they already finished evaluate her culture and she was shocked of the result. huhuhu!!! SCARY SCARY!!!

    3. Kikay K

      Kikay K

      Congrats for passing the first step! Yes, some become positive on the culture after a negative smear. According to research, close to 27% are positive on culture, which is the definitive and confirmatory test for TB. But don't worry about this too much, the 73% chance of being negative is a much better number to think of :-) Mostly, it's just a matter of waiting. I'm going on 5 weeks, time flies fast.

    4. Phil& Wi

      Phil& Wi

      wow...happy for u sis!few weeks more to go!!!! thanks sis huh knabahan tlga aq noon nalaman q e2 but in my case wla nman aqng history ng TB

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