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  1. K1 visa APPROVED today! Flying on Nov. 23. Just need to finish work here. Thanks be to God! :-)

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    2. JT114881


      Please let me know how long it takes to get your visa in the mail.

    3. Kikay K

      Kikay K

      Thank you for the greetings! As for the visa delivery, I saw online that my passport has left the embassy today, and I've just talked to Air21 customer service a few minutes ago to confirm it. She said that my visa will arrive tomorrow (5 working days since my interview) so I should wait at home for that (sadly, my authorized representative, our maid, does not have any ID, so I'm forced to be absent from work, but oh well, this document is worth being absent for!!!). I...

    4. Kikay K

      Kikay K

      ... I will run to the PRISM and CFO seminar shortly after getting the visa if it arrives early. I'm in Manila right now so I'm hoping that it'll arrive in the morning.