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  1. I am now a citizen! I had my interview this morning - the officer swore me in and went through my application, asked a few questions about my job (just out of curiosity) and my trips out of the US. He then asked me a lot of the yes/no questions - turns out I had missed one in my initial application so he filled it in for me and made a note of it. I had to read "Who can vote" and then write "Citizens can vote". I can only remember 5 of the questions he asked (and in a different order and worded differently): 1)What group of people were taken to America and sold as slaves 2)What is the highest court 3)who is the vice president 4)who makes laws 5)how many amendments to the constitution are there He then told me I passed and started to give me information about the July 4th oath ceremony (big one at the Space Needle). I expressed some concerns because I have plans to travel out of country on July 6th. He went and spoke to his supervisor and gave me the option of having the oath ceremony today or later this summer. I chose today. He explained that they're supposed to have 500 people on July 4th so unless there are extenuating circumstances, they're scheduling everybody for the 4th (Joon - hopefully that answers your question?). The oath ceremony was very small, only 10 people. In total from check in to when I left it was about 45 minutes. Good luck to everyone else remaining
  2. Received my letter 5/1 - Interview is scheduled for June 7th. Please update the timeline for me.
  3. I received a text notification that my interview is scheduled. Will update when I get the date.