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  1. herestoUS

    Canadian Passport Missing Signature

    Glad to know I'm not the only one without the signature on the bottom part! Its so strange that on the paperwork, they have you sign in that box and stay within it - I assumed so that the full signature could be put on my passport. Maybe now the signature shows on their screen and they compare it to what you have on your passport?
  2. herestoUS

    Canadian Passport Missing Signature

    Hi all! So question- I've renewed my Canadian passport, previously I had the 'new' chip embedded one, and I have the same again. BUT on the page with your photo, I no longer see my signature. On the page above that, of course there is the space to sign - assuming they compare the 2 signatures right? But on my new passport, there is no signature. Have they done away with this? I did a quick search here and online but I'm not coming up with anything.
  3. herestoUS

    Canadian Mom visiting USA

    I agree, this will be something to think about (buying return ticket)- the reason she didn't want to buy one is that the depart date might be variable. I think she has already purchased the tickets, I'm not sure if it is the type where you can change stuff but worth asking her. Also an interesting thought that she might be questioned on coming to "work" in the US!
  4. herestoUS

    Canadian Mom visiting USA

    So my mom is coming for an extended stay of about 3 months here in the USA as my wife and I recently had a kid! She is not planning on buying the return flight right now. Will my mom likely be questioned when crossing? Her ties to Canada are fairly limited as she is retired. She does rent a house, and have savings based in Canada. I'm not sure what else she could reference as something that would "tie" her back to Canada. Any ideas?