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    We met online (Colombia cupid) May of 2008. We lived in Panama and married there and now living in USA awaiting our interview. We are very happy. We have a large age difference that we do not notice but others do. A little bit of challenge and when my husband took me to work the other day, a co-worker called my husband my father.. jajaja such is life.GOT THE GREEN CARD APPROVAL TODAY AFTER 15 MINUTE INTERVIEW.

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  1. Tradewind

    N 400 interview

    My wife just did her N400 interview. Applied in April, Biometrics in May and then interview today. Interview was around 15-20 minutes. First 6 questions she answered correctly. Went over a few items (about 15) on the application. APPROVED and out the door. Didn't ask to see any paperwork she brought. Nothing. She was nervous and he was professional, it was simple and easy. We were married in 2010 and green card in 2014. 60-90 days will be the oath ceremony. My wife did well and was fully prepared. Simple. Great day and Thank you USCIS.
  2. Yes end of the term so it is important not to miss the class. Near finals...Thanks to Sunnyland for the great reply and advice. Lily
  3. My Biometrics is in Riverside CA. Will they allow you to walkin? I currently have an appointment at 2 pm but have college class then. If I show up early will they take me? Thanks