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  1. I don't know the new rules now, since I did mines in 2013 they were requesting a 3 year solid history, if not needed a Joint Sponsor luckily for those 3 years I was making more than enough.
  2. AdnanS

    Chicago N400 filers

    Thanks! I'll go with wife today to the post office.
  3. We tried and they said the Chicago Passport Agency you have to make an appointment and show proof within 1-2 weeks your traveling like a ticket or something. Hence, they said just go to US Post Office and apply in person their.
  4. AdnanS

    Chicago N400 filers

    Question for those who took their Oath's, can you apply for the passport the next day at the post office? Our Chicago Office only takes appointments with proof of travel tickets within 2 weeks. I know for Social Security it's a 10 day wait they said. Can anyone confirm the passport side of things.
  5. Wife had her Oath Ceremony yesterday in Chicago total process was about 3 Hours to Check in and Oath. Can't believe its' finally over and now we are looking to apply for passport within 1-2 days.
  6. AdnanS

    Chicago N400 filers

    Question some people who passed interviews in Chicago are having their Oaths at Dirksen United States Courthouse and some at the USCIS Building where the Interview happened. Is this normal?
  7. Congratulations! Keep eye on the website seems Chicago is quickly doing Oath Ceremonies my wife got the notice next morning after the interview. Same building & floor.
  8. AdnanS

    IRS Tax transcript

    Bring them because my wife had her interview for Citizenship and they asked her for a copy and kept it even though I uploaded it all online. Also, remember in the letter it says being all original documents you have submitted when you applied for N-400, along with all Passports you have used if you have them.
  9. Just got an update they have already scheduled the Oat Ceremony for my wife. It's in 2nd week of March @ Chicago same building and all. Told us to bring Green Card & complete the back portion of the application and sign/date - basically stating if after the interview their were any changes or travels, etc.
  10. Hello guys, Wife just had her interview today and she passed. I just checked and they updated saying, "We approved your application". Below were the questions asked: 1) Who's the governor of your state? 2) Name one of your senators? 3) Name your representative? 4) What ocean is on the west coast of the U.S.? 5) Who is the father of our country? 6) What happened on September 11, 2001 in the United States? Forgot what the reading was, but the writing portion she was told to write was, "We pay taxes". Then they reviewed the application and corrected one thing and that was it! The interview was in the Chicago Field Office @ 8:30 AM, but we arrived early and they took her in @ 8:00 AM and were done by @ 8:17 AM. Due to early morning appointment we rented a hotel and it was about 3 blocks away from the appointment location. I hope and pray we get the Oat Ceremony letter soon, and be completely done with USCIS, lol.
  11. AdnanS

    Chicago N400 filers

    I have a question for those that have done their interviews in the Chicago Field Office - were you allowed to take in your cell phones? We waiting on our interview and wanted to make sure.
  12. When they went over your application what did they ask? Do they go into very much detail or just check and see all info is correct?