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    jhunjhun got a reaction from Sean2444 in Prayers for my AOS!!!   
    Good luck to your upcoming interview.....I'm very positive that everything will go alright!
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    jhunjhun got a reaction from Dohan in Passport   
    It's up to you. But if you want to travel abroad, it's a good idea to apply for US passport for your convenience.
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    jhunjhun got a reaction from kheziah_wenfrey in NVC PROCESS   
    You don't have to wait for the next instructions from NVC. As long as you paid your AOS fee you can mail your affidavit of support application along with the supporting documents like pay stubs, letter of employment, form I-864, tax transcripts from 2010, 2011, and 2012 and W2's. Don't forget to print the cover sheet of your AOS from online and include this on top of your AOS packets.
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    jhunjhun got a reaction from M.Magdy in NVC PROCESS   
    For the meantime, you (petitioner) need to fill up form I-864 (AOS) and send it along with supporting documents such as 6 months pay stubs, letter of employment, tax transcripts for 2010, 2011, and 2012(can be requested online at irs.gov), W-2's (2010, 2011, and 2012). Make sure you print the cover sheet for your AOS and put it on top of your AOS documents. This is all depend on whether you're using co-sponsor or not.
    Also, while you're waiting for your DS261 to be accepted, gather the required civil documents from the beneficiary such as marriage certificate, birth certificate, passport biographic page, 2x2 visa photo, police certificate. Make photocopies of each original documents and send each copy along with the original docs.
    You can send your AOS documents ahead of time while you're waiting for the DS261 to be accepted. Then later, you can send your civil documents and fill up the visa application for beneficiary online (DS260).
    If everything is good to go, expect NVC to review your AOS and visa application within 20-30 business days.
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    jhunjhun got a reaction from poopoo in NVC PROCESS   
    1. If you want to send your package together, make sure that you put the cover sheet for each package. Better yet, put each in separate envelope with their own cover sheet and put two envelopes in one big envelopes . I don't think there is a problem sending them together. FYI - as I was looking on the cover sheet for IV and AOS, both of them have the same address except the ATTN ( one is ATTN: CMR AOS - for affidavit and ATTN: CMR - for DS230)
    2. In my opinion, it's best to send all form I-864 for AOS together - have it sent to you by your co-sponsor.
    3. For AOS, you have to send I-864 for each ( one for yourself and one for your co-sponsor), employment letter, 6 months of pay stubs, tax transcripts ( you can order this online in IRS website, just search tax transcripts in IRS web search - might take 5 business days for you to receive them), W2's if needed to show individual income only if your co-sponsor filed income tax jointly, proof of citizenship (copy of your co-sponsor U.S passport bio, certificate of naturalization or if LPR - copy of his/her green card (front and back), also don't forget to write a letter of explanation for not filing your tax return only if you didn't file tax return.
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    jhunjhun got a reaction from PermanentR in NVC PROCESS   
    You don't have to wait for them to send the form to you. Email your Ds3032 to nvcinquiry@state.gov. If you need a template or example of the DS3032 email, just search DS3032 template or sample email in the search at the right upper side of this website. The form they are sending to you os the hard copy that has a barcode on it. If you wantto save time just send an email. Here's the template
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    jhunjhun got a reaction from TheFantastics09 in ROC got approved   
    I was so happy and thankful that my ROC got approved. I sent my application to CSC on January 29, 2011 and got approved on March 28, 2011. Good luck to all!
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