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  1. Hello all, I am happy to report that my AOS interview was approved on the 15th and today 19th I received my 10 year GC! So excited! thank you, Sean
  2. that sounds like a sarcastic question. thanks for replay!
  3. From my experience here in Fla I had to wait a month after getting my EDA to be able to apply for dl. SSN plus EDA and 2 bills in your name with one same address.
  4. Interview was scheduled on the 6th see attached picture. We still didn't get notice in mail. Is that normal? thanks
  5. Apologies it seems I always miss place my post onto a wrong forum. Yes in the middle of AOS here in the US applied for it end of 2018. Now waiting for interview letter to arrive they have send it out yesterday on the 6th. Hope this clears things out
  6. Hello all, After waiting since March 16th our interview is scheduled. Just waiting on the notice to arrive. Any advice on interview check list? Do I need I-944 DS-5540 or such. Rather be ahead of the game than empty handed. We filled end of 2018 prior public charge if that does anything. Thank you kindly! Will keep you up to date. Sean
  7. Hi, I have received my EAD and about a month later my ssn. Called in to the local ss office to put inquiry in and about 2 weeks later my ssn card arrived in mail. Everything seems to be delayed. They are working in the background just takes forever.
  8. you should get notice of action. Approval in mail before getting EAD card. Any of you got ssn after getting EAD? if so how long did you wait? Thanks
  9. Lucky you I am still waiting on mine. Got my EAD card last Sat but no ssn yet
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