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    I travelled to Nigeria and celebrated our love with our Wedding celebration. The most amazing. beautiful, exciting day of our lives. His family planned our wedding from the invitation, traditional Nigerian wedding cloth he and I to wear on the wedding day, all the family custom made wedding clothing, food, live band, wedding cake, decorations, wedding guest thank you gifts... and so much more all I needed to do was to shop for my wedding gown here in California. I worried about how everything was coming along in Nigeria for our wedding day. I called like 5 times each day to get update on the process and status of completion of the different stages of our wedding plans. My fiance kept telling me that all is well and you will be so surpise with all the things that were being done in Nigeria for our Wedding. So after I completed my last fitting for my Wedding dress and had all the accessories, Mac Make-up, head pieces, veil, ... I made sure I brought gift for all those that helped with planning and making our Wedding day special. So the day arrived that I was traveling to Nigeria for our Wedding. I was so nervous that I called so many times to make sure they were aware of my flight plans. Just as I was about to board I wanted to tell my Fiance that my flight was about to take off. I called him but I could not reach him so I called my brother- n- law and asked him where my Fiance was and he said that he was at the market place picking up some items and his phone reception was probably not picking up my call. Finally, he called me back and we spoke and prayed and I was ready to fly.

    My family here in California were so happy for me travelling to Africa. I had provide my family with calling cards to reach me and my Fiance had my own cell phone ready for me with my own number for my family in US to reach me. I arrived safely to Nigeria. Once I process through the system and gotten my suitcases and walked out where arriving passenger exit. I heard my Fiance deep bass voice called out to me. I was so happy and excited. We hugged and Kissed and set out to stay a few nights at the hotel. Such a wonderful meeting and special moments we shared.

    Our Wedding day was filled with so much love and happiness. Our special day was fabulous just to see all that have been done for us to make our day so beautiful. For this was truly a blessing from God.

    So now we are counting down the days until we are back in each other arms.

    I travelled to Nigeria a second time to spend time with my Husband and family for Easter.

    So when he arrives to US we will go on our long awaited Honeymoon. :)
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