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  1. Waiting in Vancouver

    Chicago N400 filers

    I wish mine was in Peoria ... the county I live in has to go to Chicago when Peoria is only a hour away where Chicago is 2 hours or more depending on traffic good luck !!
  2. Waiting in Vancouver

    Case Is In Line For An Interview

    In line for an interview can last for months ... I think my status changed to that back in November ... you'll get another status changed to something along the lines that you have been scheduled for an interview ... I didn't get that status change until July this year so it was like 8 months for me but I believe I'm one of the longer ones ... i have my Oath ceremony this monday which is only a few weeks away from a full year from when I first submitted last year ...
  3. Waiting in Vancouver

    Chicago N400 filers

    My Oath Ceremony is scheduled for this Monday in Chicago ... I'm almost done !!
  4. Waiting in Vancouver

    Chicago N400 filers

    I actually forgot to ask her. I was just happy I was approved i saw people who were December Filers who were having interviews before me so I have to believe my background check must have took longer or My file ended up at the bottom of a pile on somehows desk. i will say that the interview was very smooth for me. My interview was scheduled for 10:15am and I arrived to the building at 9:55am (they tell you on the interview letter to only arrive 30 mins before your scheduled interview). There is a nice cafe about a block from the Federal Building where we had a nice breakfast. Was a little pricey but nice to relax before the interview. when we arrived there was a long line to check in so by the time we got through the line it was 10:11am (I remember the exact time as its printed on the slip they give you). We sat down and right at 10:15am they called my number. the agent had me aware to tell the truth etc. She then took my picture and finger prints to confirm my identity. Right after that we went into the questions. I got the first 6 right so we moved on to the next step. She handed me a piece of paper with a sentence on it and I had to read it back to her. The sentence was "when do we celebrate Columbus Day". She told me that I didn't need to know the answer as she was going to tell me the answer and I had to write the answer down on a piece of paper she handed me. She had me write "We celebrate Columbus Day in October". Next we went through every question on my N400 that was in her file. Every one of the Yes/No questions to make sure I answered them the same. She asked if I had been out of the country since I submitted my N400 which I had, so I told her the dates. she then told me that she was recommending me for approval and that I will receive a notice in the mail for my Oath Cerimony. She said it could take as long as 60 days and I might only get a week or two notice. when I returned to the waiting room it was 10:45am so it was only a total of 30 mins.
  5. Waiting in Vancouver

    Chicago N400 filers

    September 2016 filer here. I had my interview in Chicago on July 26 and I was approved !! on Thursday my online status changed to "Placed in line for Oath Cerimony". the agent who interviewed me told me that it could be as far out as 60 days for my Oath Ceremony. She mentioned that they are running really behind in Chicago. She looked at my original filing date of September and was surprised it will likely be a year from filing date before my Oath. im just looking forward the having the Oath Cerimony and finally having all this in my rear view window. good luck to all Chicago Filers !!
  6. Congrats !!! Thanks for for sharing your experience. I have my interview on July 26 so reading this post about your husbands Oath Cerimony and your post about his interview helps us all prepare
  7. I am going through the Chicago Office and applied in the beginning of September 2016 and my status changed to in line for interview in November I think. I just got an email today saying that they scheduled an interview so you can see from my timeline it can be 7 or 8 months.