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  1. dunebuggy

    I-131 Re-entry Permit queries

    I called USCIS and they told me to call the Dept of State at 202-647-4000 to see what the issue is. Let's try next week and see what they say...
  2. I have the same question! My reentry permit still hasn't arrived at the consulate 2 months later. Here are my statuses... any thoughts? 1.On July 2, 2018, we produced your Reentry Permit for your Form I-131, Application for Travel Document, Receipt Number XXXXXXXXXXXXXX. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address 2. July 6, 2018 The Post Office delivered your new document to the address you gave us. The tracking number assigned is XXXXXX (NOTE: the tracking # indicates it was delivered to Washington, DC)
  3. dunebuggy

    I-131 Re-entry Permit queries

    Hi, we had our i-131 reentry permit sent to the consulate in Dubai, however it still haven't arrived 2 months later. It was sent to Washington DC on July 6 but nothing after. I'm trying to contact L2 support at USCIS for an update.
  4. Additional data point: missed biometrics appointment on April 11; walked in Manhattan office around 3pm with no appointment on April 18 and completed biometrics no problem We already have a 2 year GC, this was for reentry permit
  5. I have read that "Support of the Cuban People" is the reason that doesn't attract much scrutiny.... here is an example "I've been doing a little research, as I've been trying to understand the 12 Category stipulations myself. "Support for the Cuban People" (SCP) is simply that you will have at least 8 hours/day of pouring your goods/services (money/time) into private employers (small businesses - corner shops, eating out at private restaurants, going on local excursions, taking a class, volunteering some time somewhere, staying in a hostel or B&B, etc.) so the Cuban people can become contributors in Cuban society. You have to document at least 8 hours of your day, spent "supporting" Cuban people." Also curious about this.... why not just use a Spanish passport in our case when traveling Mexico - Cuba - Mexico?
  6. Hi, we are planning to travel to Mexico and Cuba on a I-551 Green Card. Are there any regulations we should be aware of when traveling to Cuba with a Green Card? Our flights would be Mexico City-Havana-Mexico City before returning to USA. I think that the rules are the same for US Citizens but thought I would check here if anyone has any insight... thanks!
  7. Thanks Susie! I found the two points quoted above very useful. Sending in I-131 reentry form today
  8. Hi, I am a USC and my wife is a Green Card holder since Aug 2017. Her 2 year GC expires August 2019. I received a great job offer in the Middle East and we are strongly considering moving (with a baby). It would be a 2-3 year position before moving back to USA. We would travel to USA every 4-5 months. She would be working part time in addition to taking care of the baby. It would be nice to avoid abandoning the GC if possible! Some questions: If we apply for a I-131, how much time does this buy us? Any tips for filing it out? When we file for her foreign income on our 2018 taxes, how does that affect her permanent resident standing? Any other considerations to improve chances of maintaining the GC? Basically, I'm wondering if it feasible to maintain the GC or will we be forced to start again from scratch in 2-3 years when we move back to USA….? Thanks for all your help!
  9. We were approved today as well! 14+ Months after PD. Our interview was March, and this was in a holding pattern until we contacted the Ombudsman, so you may want to try that if you are beyond normal processing times. Also make sure your medical isn't expired, that was our final hurdle. Good luck all!
  10. Update today, green card in production! I think it was thanks to contacting the Ombudsman but not sure.... Uscis works in mysterious ways
  11. Thanks for that timeline.... Luckily we received the long awaited update today, card in production! I'll believe it when I see it tho...
  12. @azulturquesa we are in the exact same boat unfortunately. USCIS New York field office received our new medical today, so hopefully our GC gets approved before expiration on Sept 4! Hopefully by then this USCIS soap opera is over...
  13. Thanks! We are sending in the new medical in so hopefully that is the final hurdle and the turnaround is quick.....
  14. Hi, our AP / EAD card expires on Sept 4, 2017. We currently have a i-485 pending, so it was my understanding that payment is not required to renew the AP / EAD. Then here is what happened: May 12, 2017: Initial renewal package received by USCIS June 3, 2017: Request by USCIS for "missing payment" June 9, 2017: 2nd renewal package received by USCIS (including check for $410) June 26, 2017: NoA received by me, returning the check and saying payment not required (!!!) W-T-EFF!!! Is there any way to expedite the AP renewal at this point? We have tickets to go to Spain on Aug 30 and being that we were delayed 1.5 months by the USCIS payment error/incompetence, I now fear the renewal will not land in time. Is there anything at all we can do??? Thank you!
  15. We received a RFE for i-693 (Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination record) because our medical apparently expired. They are asking for a new i-693 by August 23. We are in month 15 of a i-485 application. The problem is we are in Spain for an extended period of time (using advance parole). Is it possible to get the medical exam done in Madrid, for example, to avoid a trip back to the USA? Thanks!