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  1. @believe09 did you get your oath date yet? We may end up at the same day if they make you come back to ANC to take your oath. 🤔
  2. Just checked my ceremony will be scheduled on November 16 at 10 am! I’m so excited! If someone can please help me to update my timeline. I still can’t figure out how to update, thank you. Keep the good news coming Aug fillers!
  3. Also I brought tons of paperwork to show but she didn’t even want to see them. She said 5 years residency doesn’t need to show any evidence of marriage. I didn’t even upload our joint tax return to them 🤷🏻‍♀️
  4. So my interview was on 10/18 at 8:15am. I was first since the office open at 8. I went there alone as my husband had to bring our kids to schools. The officer was professional and friendly. My case is very straightforward: is still married to my husband for almost 10 years with kids. I just have been too busy to file for citizenship🤷🏻‍♀️! She went through the application with me to verify everything from address to answering all the yes and no questions on the form. I was told all I need is 6 correct answers and I got the first 6 right. Lastly she told me to read the sentence out loud then write on the screen and that’s it. She then said I’m going to approve your application, congratulations! She then asked if I have any questions and we then ended up chit chat abit. The whole interview lasted me about 20 mins. It was very easy and every staff at the office were very friendly to me. I have very good experience with this local office. Then this morning when I checked on website for my case status (don’t we all have this morning ritual?!) said they just mailed me the oath ceremony letter ! It is so quick and I can’t believe it! I’m so excited to able to close this nearly 10 years chapter of my life. For the people are still waiting on your interview I’m sending you all my good vibes to you and wishing you all have fast and smooth journey! I hope this review can help out someone someday and please don’t hesitate to ask my any questions. I’ll come back again with my ceremony date once I can see the letter online. Glo
  5. Thank you! I just saw you got your interview scheduled too! Yay congratulations!🎊
  6. Nope, I have one day left and I’m binge studying right now 😭😭
  7. Yeah Juneau is still better than where I used to live. We only had Alaskan airlines or take ferry and that’s it. I guess that’s what our trade off for the last piece of frontier !
  8. With the location yes! Otherwise everything is the same like lower 48. We have amazon delivery here too so it’s all good rofl Not everyone live in the bush here I promise!
  9. Unfortunately I heard most of them will be scheduled on another date. I’m just grateful we got to get the date. I used to live in southeast Alaska too and recently move back so I hear your pain.
  10. Congratulations fellow Alaskan @believe09! Yes it’s nice to see someone from Alaska too! Good luck with your interview! Fingers crossed for all of our August filers get their updates very soon.
  11. Just stalked your timeline. You became resident the same year as me. You can apply it alone without any issue.
  12. Thank you! I hope your journey is as smooth as us! 😊