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  1. UPDATE: Sooo after getting so many questions on the priority date. I decided to look further into this. It's been a while since my dad filed the I-130 for my uncle and I'm sure it's hard for him to remember. Well, it turns out that the priority date is 2001. Since I'm only assisting him with completing applications and things of that sort I really didn't pay attention to any dates, but as soon as a logged in to complete the affidavit, there it was on the top right hand corner "Priority date" Sorry for all the confusion you all. Everything looks good and the timing is good.
  2. Indeed it is confusing. We had a deadline to complete the DS - 260 too. If it wasn't paid by a certain date, we could no longer submit. 🙃 Thank you for the heads up on the interview. I am a firm believer in God and my Savior Jesus Christ and he will be in control. 🙏
  3. Sorry I think there is just to much confusion now. We don't have 3 more years to go. We have an nvc case number already and have paid and completed the DS 260 form. I do appreciate you providing me that link on priority dates. Not sure how his went through much quicker 🤔🤔🤔🫣😊. At this moment I'm only pending to complete the affidavit of support section part 3 for the joint sponsor. I cant seem to understand what i should be using for his wifes last name.
  4. The I-30 was filed in about 1994. My dad's brother (my uncle) got his notification already. We are submitting the DS form... I always forget what is called. I'm filling out the affidavit of support.
  5. I'm helping my dad petition his brother and his family. On the Affidavit of Support Part 3 section 4.a. it asked for Family Member 1 Family Name (Last Name). I have entered his wife in this section. However, I'm unsure how I should enter the last name. Usually in Mexico the wife keeps her last name and they add "De" and then the husbands last name. Example: Maria Sanchez de Martinez. Is this how I need to enter the last name here or how should I enter it?
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