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  1. Do you get the CR1 visa from the embassy? I thought you would get the stamped visa at the point of entry? thanks both for the reply :)
  2. Hi All, do you still need an ESTA when you are travelling to the US after your interview but haven’t gone through the Customs/Border protection yet to get your passport stamped? now it’s not really a problem to be safe than sorry and just renew mine. but could still save some $ Thanks.
  3. About 2-3 weeks ago, but I’ve never uploaded any pasphotos and at my medical they took pictures digitally.
  4. You are probably right, since they were wondering how I could stay so long financially and with my work. im sure you’ll be fine, return ticket and proof of employment as you mentioned is enough. goodluck 🎉💪
  5. Happened to me, they actually didn’t know about my pending CR1. But I mentioned it as the customs when they asked my reason to stay 2 months, i got pulled aside and spend 1,5 hour in the booth explaining and trying to proof my intention to return home. Flight tickets, with my wife and son also returning was sufficient but I didn’t have hers at hand which caused the delay this was in Detroit for my layover. whenever I fly through Atlanta, I’ve never had any issue. I’m not sure if just not mentioning it unless they do is the better answer, but I wouldn’t lie and risk the visa.
  6. Upload the pasphotos? ive got my interview in 6 weeks but wasn’t asked to upload, I’m bringing them to the interview
  7. I’m looking at this too, but last I heard about 1-2 years ago was that they banned European new cars from import, I don’t know if this has changed in the mean time.
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