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    tattoos, movies, tv, art, scrapbooking, nature, food, magazines, books, my spawn, my man, the beach, my family, good drinks, offbeat people, people watching in general

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    Well it is a wee bit sticky and scandalous to most. I was married when I met Gareth. The marriage was going down hill and we were growing apart as far as what we wanted in life. We had been together since age 15 and married at 18. He only wanted one child which I begged to just have her. I wanted (want) more and that became a huge wedge in our relationship. I would never tell anyone I had a bad marriage as I didn't...we just grew apart and wanted different things out of life.
    Gareth was one of our friends who we both had met through our tattooist. My daughters father liked to go out a lot and drink with friends etc especially on the weekends. I sat home on the computer while my daughter slept since I didn't want to be bringing her to house parties all the time.....
    Well Gareth and I grew closer and closer as me and my husband at the time grew farther apart. I decided to finally be brave and ask for a divorce. I got to spend several months still in the UK and spend time with Gareth as my daughter finished up her school year....
    I moved back to the US in June 2007 and haven't seen Gareth since besides on webcam :( He had flown here in December on a 6 month visa and got turned away in Detroit!They even made him sit in a jail cell for 14 hours until he could get on next flight back to London.
    Soooo as soon as my divorce was officially finalized we put in for the K1.....we are now in the waiting process and longing to be together again......

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