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  1. Me (norwegian citizen) and my fiancé (american citizen) want to get married in american and apply for the CR1 visa. The issue we are facing right now is that it seems to be hard to get married in america without the K1 visa, that I might get denied entrance at border control. Im leaving for america in a few days and we are in contact with an attorney right now, but they also seem to be unsure whether we should get married on my visit or not. I have documents that state that Im going back to norway after my visit. (I have a work contract that states I will start working in august and I also have an apartment I will be renting in august). Do any of you have any experience with this kind of situation? Should we cancel the marriage in America and get married outside of America instead?
  2. We have looked into the possiblity of me moving to germany, but it would require me to get work there. Which from the research I have done seems hard as an entry level. For her to be able to move to Norway she also has to get a job, and with norways job market that is hard. She could also get a visa to live here through marriage, but the age restriction is 24 for this, which means we would have to wait till 2025 anyway.
  3. Do you not need it to be an exceptional situation for the filing of i130 to be approved for overseas filing/embassy in stockholm? If so what even defines an exceptional situation?
  4. Me (norwegian) and my girlfriend (american citizen) are doing a long distance relationship. She is currently an au pair in Germany, this to give us more time together in the same timezone, as she recently graduated college. I am in my last semester of my engineering bachelors, we are both 22 years old, born 2001. We both want to get married and are looking into ways to live together in america, since that is where we want to live. We have looked at both the K1 and CR1 visas and thought that K1 visa seemed like the fastest and best way to quickly get me to america, but after looking more into it, it seems that the approval of the K1 visa is as slow as the CR1? and people say that they would have chosen to do the CR1 instead of the K1. Our biggest worry currently is the timezone difference, hence her being an au pair. There is a 9 hour difference between Norway and Oregon, and the times do not overlap well when it comes to working. It has been working great up till now due to both of us studying and having more control of our schedule, but when my girlfriend starts working her work times would basically be at the times we would be able to call and spend time together. We have some general ideas of what could work for us if the wait time is long: Her getting a remote job where she can clock in at hours of her choosing or us just using the small time frames where none of us work to just talk, and spending time during weekends. Some questions we have right now about the filing and approval of either visas are: Does my girlfriend have to earn the required amount of money when the application for the visa gets submitted, or would it be fine if she gets a job by the time the visa is approved and I can move to america? If it is possible to prove that she can have a job by the time she gets back would that help? Another question would be if she has had to work x amount of time and have x amount of money available, or does just the annual income matter? How long would it typically take for the visa to get approved when my girlfriend is from Oregon? We saw that the closest USCIS office is in California, and they had the longest approvement time out of all the offices. Would the application go to them, or is it possible to choose ourselves? We are grateful for any input and feedback any of you might have
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