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  1. Hello, Dublin does pretty good with the process and are fully aware with the medical delay. We did call every day and found a cancellation. I don’t think they will reach out to you I haven’t heard of them doing it for anyone you just gotta call. We were able to get an earlier date but due to the need of important travel we ended up taking a later date to travel after the interview quickly. So it is possible to find cancellations. If you don’t find a cancellation Dublin is pretty quick getting you your passport back. They will give you your passport for your medical and then they will require you to drop it off at the listed DPD. Also on the website where you registered your appointment you will need to get a barcode paper that you will need to give DPD. After you drop off your passport after the medical I have seen most people get it in 9-15 days depending on how the weekends fall and US Holidays if they fall during the time. Let me know if there’s any other questions.
  2. Ya they told us they close from December 22nd till January 4th which I think is crazy because they are already behind and closing for half a month. We have our Medical on the 20th which they informed us we won’t get results till after January 4th which is crazy.
  3. It was a few days under a month from getting DQed to getting the interview email. The embassy was well aware of the delays on the medicals and just inform you to send back your passport once your medical is completed and they will put your visa in the passport. What are the current wait times for medicals?
  4. My spouse was also able to get a new medical date on November 13th just a few days after our interview. I was able to reach out to someone who had the same issue at Dublin with the medical being after and he said from the day of his medical it took 9 days only to receive his passport in hand. Hoping for the best!
  5. My spouse has an interview at Dublin on the 9th. We are in the same position as you. I emailed the embassy and seems like they are aware but didn’t really give me much other than the medical results will take 10 days to receive and 15 days on average for the embassy to return the passport. I’ll let you know what the 9th looks like for us. Let me know if you get any news. My spouse and I were trying to see each other for the holidays but I don’t know what to expect if they hold the passports.
  6. I know they dont hold it after the medical but the medical is so booked that its a moth after the interview so will the embassy hold it till after I get the medical done and sent over to the embassy? The email from the medical said that they require the passport to do the medical also.
  7. My spouse was just given her CR1 visa interview date for November 10th. The two medical clinics were booked to till December 20th. After the interview will they be holding the passport for the whole time until they get the medical results or will she need to give it when the medical is done? The medical exam says she much bring her passport. If she doesn't need to give the passport she was planning on traveling for a week in between the two appointments as she has a pre existing trip from earlier this year.
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