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    August 23rd 07 - Met at the hotel bar where I work in kent. and he was a guest.
    August 26th 07- sparks flew
    Oct 21st 07 - I went out to see him for two weeks,:) then i went home:(
    Jan 17th 08 - my man comes to visit for two blissful weeks
    Jan 26th 08 - vito proposed to me on the local beach. :)
    Apr 13th 08 - Visiting Vito for two weeks! yay!
    Apr 30th 08 - sent i-129f to csc yay!
    May 1st 08 - NOA1 (got hardcopy on the 4th)
    may 4th 08- Touched
    July 4th 08 - Touched
    Aug 26th 08 - 1 year Anniversary of us being a couple!
    Sept 23rd 08 - We were approved but didn't know it. was not updated online. no email received.
    Sept 24th 08 - Vito phoned the uscis to find out why we haven't been approved, told not to expect anything till december. :(
    Sept 25th 08 - Vito visits for two weeks for my birthday!!!
    Sept 30th 08 - Apparently, so says NVC person, our file was sent to the embassy. (so whats with the next date?)
    Oct 1st 08 - letter dated from NVC, they have received our approved petition. (DIDN'T KNOW WE WERE APPROVED)
    Oct 3rd 08 - possibly when our petition was received by the London Embassy
    Oct 5th 08 - get email letting us know we have recieved letter from nvc (wheres our noa2?)
    Oct 9th 08 - Vito fly's back to Los Angeles. :( ( after a morning in A & E). London Embassy Dated Packet 3.
    Oct 10th 08 - Vito gets hold of NVC, finds out our date of approval and when it was sent on to embassy, also phones uscis, and told to wait another 2 weeks to see if noa2 turns up in mail. She still sees pending on our case hmmm.
    Oct 13th 08 - Received Packet 3.
    Nov 6th 08 - Medical in London.
    Nov 24th 08 - finished Packet 3.(took so long because on the 6th found passport ruined and needed to get new one)
    Nov 25th 08 - Posted to packet 3 to Embassy special delivery.
    Nov 26th 08 - Packet 3 Received by Embassy
    Dec 15th 08 - Received Packet 4 and Interview Date
    Jan 13th 09 - Visa Interview, London Embassy.
    Feb 18th 09 - Enter USA, POE, Los Angeles.
    Mar 19th 09 - Applied for SSN, at W Olympic Bld LA, office. Was quoted two weeks to get card in post.
    Mar 25th 09 - Received SSN card in the post.
    Apr 9th 09 - Wedding
    Apr 30th 09 - 4th phone call to USCIS about missing NOA2 hard copy and lack of update of our case on line, was extremely frustrating had to be forwarded to a supervisor who eventually conceded to request an investigation into our case. Was informed it would take two months.
    May 1st 09 - At letter was dated from USCIS regarding call on the 30th and service request they asked for (type none delivery of Approval notice) Status of request is your case has been requested back back to the California service center for further processing once case file is received it will be forwarded to nvc as soon as possible.
    June 12th 09 - FedExed AOS paperwork to Chicago
    June 15th 09 - J.CHYBA Signs for our package at 12:15pm mid eastern time.
    June 18th 09- Noa1(s) date for AOS/EAD/AP
    June 19th 09 - Check for AOS cleared. (first touch on all)
    June 22nd 09- Recieved NOA1(S) for AOS/EAD/AP in the mail.
    June 23rd 09- Touch on EAD/AP/AOS.
    July 20th 09 - Phoned helpline to report that its more than 30 days since NOA1 date and still no Biometrics appointment received. Service Request sent. Required hubby's presence to discuss the service request from old petition. Will have to call back about that.
    July 22nd 09 - Biometrics notice generated.
    July 25th 09 - Received biometrics notice for the 19th of August 09.
    July 27th 09 - Received service request letter about missing biometrics and second copy of biometrics notice.
    July 30th 09 - Did early walk in biometrics, at w. pico blvd Los Angeles. was after 12pm nearly 1 pm and guard said it was quiet that day so they might be able to help.
    July 31st 09 - Touched on both i-485 and i-765.
    Aug 6th 09 - Interview notice generated.
    Aug 10th 09 - received Interview notice in the mail.
    Sept 9th 09 - AOS Interview, in Los Angeles. Also our 5 month Anni. :)
    Feb 3rd 11- Found out we are having a baby!! :D
    July 6th 11- I-751 dated.
    July 7th 11- I-751 Sent Priority mail, with tracking.
    July 8th 11- Confirmation CSC received I-751 packet. NOA 1 date.
    Aug 8th 11- Biometrics completed
    Oct 4th 11- Mini Hannah and Vito came into the world!
    Oct 21st 11- 10 year Green card and removal of conditions Approved
    Nov 11th11-Finally received Green card after it was sent to old address even though we filed the change of address and sent back csc and I had to file a service request.

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