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  1. Got a random email from USCIS this morning say they’ve taken action on my case status, looked on the app and no update. There shouldn’t be an update since we got our conditional Green Card mailed back in June, which we received. Any ideas?
  2. Awesome - sounds like there should be no down time between renewing it then!
  3. Do they do the license renewal the same day?
  4. Hey all So I got my Green Card a couple of months ago and am going to the DMV this coming week to renew my drivers license - which expires on the 11th September. I've done a little bit of research and it seems that I was supposed to receive a couple of things in the mail, a camera card and an invitation to renew. I never received either of these things, so what is the process for getting my license renewed? Do I just go to the DMV with my green card, a check for $35 and say I want to renew? I'm in Pennsylvania if that helps any. Thanks Adam
  5. Yep I do - already got physical and e-copies!
  6. Hey guys A few weeks ago I got a speeding ticket from a Massachusetts state trooper, I've been told that I should keep some kind of record that I paid the ticket because it may be asked about when I go for citizenship in a few years. However, I called the district court and MassRMV, and neither can provide a receipt. The most I have is a confirmation screenshot of when I paid the ticket online - which shows the amount paid, the confirmation number and the citation number. I also have a screenshot of my bank statement that shows the payment. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. I was recently approved for Adjustment of Status on June 26th of this year, and when driving from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts last night I got pulled over by a Massachusetts state trooper about 50 miles outside of Boston for speeding, he issued me a ticket of $160. Will this impact anything down the road?
  8. Great! Was approved on the spot. I now have the Green Card in hand!
  9. Our case status changed to 'ready to be scheduled for an interview' in September and we got our interview scheduled on May 17th. So what's that, 8 months?
  10. Green card arrived yesterday! How do I change my status from 'AOS (Pending)' to 'AOS (Approved)' on VisaJourney?
  11. It'll be your approval notice! We got two approval notices (typical, wait a year for approval then two turn up at once!) on Friday. Green Card is out for delivery today!
  12. Two pieces of mail coming from USCIS today. What could they be!? We were only approved on Tuesday!
  13. Oh yeah don't get me wrong, Trump - in his own way - is just as out of touch. Really, how in touch can a multi billionaire be? I just think he knew the issues, knew the failings of the Obama administration and knew how to best exploit them on the campaign trail - which is where Hillary fell down I think. People who live in areas that had their health insurance leveled by Obamacare didn't want to hear from Hillary about how it 'just needs tweaking' - they wanted extreme measures, i.e repeal and replace - and I think that's something unique to Donald Trump, I can't think of many other politicians who could get away with being as contentious on the campaign trail as he was, most of the stuff that came out during the 2016 election cycle would've sank most other candidates, but they just seemed to bounce off Trump. Whether that was down to 'the forgotten men and women of America', or if it was just that Hillary was a bad candidate, we'll never know. You're right that Hillary fell into the trap of re-shaping, which isn't a bad thing necessarily - views change, if you look at Trump - his views have changed a lot since the mid 90's, early 2000's on some things. The thing that made people raise their eyebrows at Hillary was she would then go onto claim she's been consistent on every issue. And this is my issue with her. Every politician lies in some capacity, some more than others, but Hillary lies about stuff that didn't even matter. Like landing in Bosnia under sniper fire, there was no point at all to that lie - and that's just one example of the pointless lying. The other big one is when she claimed she'd always supported gay marriage.