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  1. @ZRomper how long did see the case shown on ustraveldocs? I'm wondering when I should contact the embassy if still not see it on the website.
  2. Thank you, Troy. Singapore embassy uses ustraveldocs.com for the registration. I don't see the interview appointment on that website yet.
  3. never mind. I saw the embassy in Brazil requires ASC appointment for finger print and photo. It may be different from Singapore.
  4. Hi Troy, What is AIS and what is ASC appointment for? I don't recall I've seen those in the embassy website (Singapore).
  5. Got the email about IL. It's 3am EST. Please help to update the table. Interview Letter: 6/27 Interview Date: 8/8 Embassy: Singapore
  6. Congratulation! Hope I can receive the letter soon.
  7. No, I didn't contact the embassy. I assume it's handled by NVC...
  8. Document submitted: 5/26 DQ'ed: 6/9 No interview letter yet. Can't believe the embassy in Singapore is backlogged. There're usually less than 10 IR1/CR1 issued each month in Singapore...
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