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  1. Thank you all! She received the tracking and it's ready for pick up! Sorry Its just been a long process and we get really anxious when we don't know what's going on. CFO is booked too. Mid January can't get here soon enough!
  2. Does anyone know why entering the passport number in the passport tracker on traveldocs says no update available? Maybe it's because they just haven't sent it out with LBC yet? I would of thought that it would say something even if it was still at USEM.
  3. Thank you, I have emailed lbcexpress and they responded the next day. They said at this time it has not been released to LBC. I also use the traveldocs website to put in the passport number and it always says no status update available. I also believe it probably has to do with the Holidays. I know I probably shouldn't have but I booked our flights in mid January once it said issued. I was just reading timelines on how fast people were receiving them. I'm sure we should most likely have it by then, but she's also staying in Manila until she can pick it up. She really wants to get back to her family to spend some time with them so hopefully it comes soon. Like this week before New Year's.
  4. Thank you both! Currently the email inquiry says no update available. Maybe she should just run by the local office and check? I will have her check junk mail first.
  5. My fiance had her interview in Manila December 19. On December 21 it went to approved then to issued status. She is supposed to pick up her passport at the LBC branch at Mall of Asia. How does she know when it is available for pick up? From my understanding, she should receive an email with the tracking number. How long does this take? I guess I just figured if status was issued then it should be soon but it's been 3 days and no tracking number. Any information will be greatly appreciated!
  6. Thank you for the reply. It is missing one letter and has one wrong letter. The I129F was hand filled out but legitable. So is this something to be concerned about? I did try to have it corrected but there is no feedback on how it will be corrected or when. We haven't done the DS160 yet. Once we complete that and all three things you mentioned match, that will be ok? Either way if passport takes precedence then still should not cause any delays or issues correct? Everything I have read seems as if its not a big concern. We been waiting so long for this NOA2 and was very excited to get the approval. Hope this little hiccup don't give us problems.
  7. We have just received our NOA2 and realized my fiance's first name is misspelled. It was also misspelled on the NOA1. It appears you can only talk to a chatbot and will not let you talk to a person. I have submitted a e-request to USCIS and have an expected reply date of July 12th. My main question is what happens now? Do they issue another NOA2 with correct spelling? Or is it fixed a different way? What if my fiance has to do the interview with the incorrect NOA2, will this be an issue?
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